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Submit to Freedom: Geoffrey & Justin talk about Bronze Age Mindset
BAP-Vox Ch. 1, Bronze Age Pervert & Vox author Tara Burton
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Just read Steve McQueen's bio because I wanted to read about an adventurous person and love cars + motos. Was a fun read. What next? I wanna read about an adventurous person. Preferences: - 1950-present - Moto/culture culture - American - Adventurous

In keeping with year-end tradition, I wanted to share the best books I read in 2020 – a year unlike any other - with a list of reads heavily influenced by global events including…

I recently finished The Alchemy of Air, by Thomas Hager. It’s the story of the Haber-Bosch process, the lives of the men who created it, and its consequences for world agriculture and for Germany during the World Wars.

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Alright, after two chapters I understand the hype. @JamesClear articulates a lot of little things I've noticed or half-thought but never consciously defined. I have pretty good habits formed by my identity as a diligent person... time to keep refining with this guide 💪

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