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How to Have an Attitude of Gratitude | Adopting an Abundance Mindset

Have you ever been to a nice restaurant, had a delicious dinner in a beautiful environment with great service, then received a bill that nearly made you fall out of your seat? How did that change your mood? Did you walk out of the restaurant raving about the experience or lamenting over the bill?
Instead of practicing an attitude of gratitude, why do we tend to focus on the negative aspects of a situation or experience? Why, in the case of the restaurant, was it easier to hone in on how steep the bill was rather than immerse ourselves in the outstanding food, lovely ambiance or the hospitable service? Because, instead of focusing on how to express gratitude,the human brain is wired for a single purpose – survival. The mind is not designed to make you happy, it’s designed to help you survive. It is always looking for what could hurt you, and it magnifies the bad. We are wired to operate out of a place of scarcity and fear. But here’s the thing – you have the choice of what to focus on. Remember, what’s wrong is always available, but so is what’s right.

Limiting beliefs and cultivating an attitude of gratitude

Limiting beliefs are unconscious beliefs we hold about ourselves and the world which we allow to prevent us from enjoying our lives to the fullest. For example, if you have an unconscious belief that you do not deserve happiness, understanding how to express gratitude will not come easily, even under the best of circumstances. As you embrace the process of cultivating gratitude in your life, keep watch for the limiting beliefs you unconsciously hold and examine how they are preventing you from reaching your full potential. Beginning the hard work of replacing your limiting beliefs with an attitude of gratitude will reveal how your beliefs impact almost every area of life. This is because our beliefs grow from a combination of life experiences: our knowledge base, our environment (past and present), positive and traumatic life events, results of our past actions and how we envision our future. Because our beliefs are multi-faceted, unravelling their origin can be a challenge, and replacing them with healthier beliefs can be even more difficult. However, if existing beliefs are an impediment to the attitude of gratitude you’re committed to developing, it’ll be well worth your time to put in the effort.

Replacing limiting beliefs with an abundance mindset

To overcome your self-sabotaging beliefs, put yourself in a positive mindset by making a list of things you’re thankful for. Then practice flipping your limiting beliefs to empowering ones . As you uncover each limiting belief, ask yourself: Does this belief take me further along the pursuit of gratitude, or does this belief hold me back? With practice and diligence, you’ll find that adopting an abundance mindset and attitude of gratitude becomes more natural.

An attitude of gratitude: The role of change

Life will never go as planned. There will always be undesirable surprises. Change is inevitable, and we must learn to embrace change . The potential for transformation is present in every change life throws our way, whether or not we choose to embrace it.

Rather than be derailed by unexpected changes in our lives, we must learn to approach change with curiosity. Begin practicing an attitude of gratitude by “softening” to change, letting it in without a fight. Rather than telling yourself that you have either lost something, have less of something orwill never have what it is you want, make the command decision to focus on adopting an abundance mindset and focusing on what you can be grateful for. By learning how to express gratitude under difficult circumstances, you build an abundance mindset into everything you do.

Having an attitude of gratitude doesn’t mean you are repressing your emotions or living in a state of denial. It simply means you are making the overarching decision to live in a beautiful state every single day, no matter what happens. Because if the only time you are happy is when things are going your way, you’re not going to be happy very often. And the more you start to make these subtle shifts, the more you can cultivate an abundance mentality, the more you will begin to experience joy and, eventually, create a new emotional home.

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