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Guaranteed they will discover a link between and cosmetic fillers and autoimmune disease in the not so distant future or they already have but aren’t exactly rushing to publicize it because you’d have to be an idiot to tamper with an industry so lucrative

about 2 years ago

Future generations will read history books about primitive societies in which the global supply of money was set at bi-weekly committee meetings.

almost 2 years ago

Just hope that the upcoming war between governments and big tech doesn’t destroy startups too.

almost 2 years ago

Looking forward to the election when it's Jack vs Zuck.

almost 2 years ago

This week @shaanvp made predictions on what will be the next: - Apple - Facebook - 7/11 - Google He's good at predictions, so listen up. And click the full video for the full ep (he makes more predictions). I think he's 100% right on Apple. Thoughts?

bookmark this if you wanna shove my predictions in my face later.. Next apple = someone who makes a breakthru health wearable device Next amazon = someone who nails hands free shopping (convo commerce) Next facebook = hands free, always on wearable camera

almost 2 years ago

bold prediction - we will see a private equity buyout a IG brand like these for $100m+ in the next 24mo. The next Mrs. Fields cookies, Aunt Aunnie's pretzels, and Ben & Jerry's are going to be instagram brands FIRST. I'd invest $250k into each of these today, no hesitation.

Squarespace will be a $20B+ company. Amazing to me that it’s valued at $8.71B. $SQSP at $64 a share seems to be a steal. In my opinion and analysis, I’d expect it to at least double to $128/share by end of 2022.

My estimate is ~$20B of equity positions equates to +$10/share of $Uber. Crowded scenes at airports like LAX signal surge of ridership coming+ability to ↗️ prices leads to better margins+growth UberEats+cloudkitchens potential =Potential to +$10/share=$68/share =$130B+market cap.…

AI +Quantum Computing +Atoms +Bits = Economic Spooky Actions at a Distance. Automation of the Mind vs Automation of the Body. This battle will determine the future of work, jobs and the global economy.…

I believe @JackAbraham is the new Bezos. Just watch and see. I’ve been investing in him since he was 22 and did Milo. Then he built ebay’s mobile business. Now he’s building the new Amazon through @JoinAtomic. He’s incubating new companies like Bezos incubated AWS.

Crypto is 1st foundational silo needed to for a Cloud Governance and Cloud Government to evolve into future Startup Cities, New Cities, City-States running off a global cloud governance & cloud regulatory framework. Government policy will become more AI/Quantum computing driven.

Shervin correctly predicting the meme stock/coin phenomenon back in 2018.…

almost 2 years ago

There’ll be new cities valued in the trillions like Apple, Google, Amazon, Microsoft. Except millions of new millionaires will be created by new cities. There will be thousands of new cities created in our lifetimes. Entrepreneurs will create new cities like new companies

After SpaceX goes public + humans land on Mars, Elon will become the 1st trillionaire. Don’ t @ me if that irks you. Elon will do so much for humanity and make us a multi-planetary species. Go complain about those making billions polluting our planet or destroying democracy (FB).

GoPuff has all the signals I look for a $100B+ company. Mark my words.…

almost 2 years ago