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Product Management learnings from Shreyas Doshi
over 2 years ago

Homeschooling is the trend I’m most bullish on relative to how little attention it receives. Institutional trust is falling, online education is getting better fast, smartphones are getting cheaper, and it’s getting easier for parents to team up and educate their kids together.

over 2 years ago

I’ve always admired Stripe, and based on the people I know there, this is the right way to think about their culture. Especially the kindness part.

david_perell tweet image
over 2 years ago

Pre-internet: Scarcity of teachers, information, and distractions. Post internet: Abundance of teachers, information, and distractions. It's never been easier to learn something new. It's never been harder to filter out what's worth learning.

over 2 years ago

Are people just realizing that after a few weeks of meetings via @zoom_us you may also need @SlackHQ if you need to do work?!?! Slack + Zoom = basic resilience for every organization STARTING NOW.

FB, Twitter, YouTube, Snap.... The ENTIRE Internet has come together and effectively cancelled Trump. It’s nuts.

On Apple, Bitcoin, And The Internet

What are some (once hot) assets being under managed inside big corporate teams that could thrive in a spin out? Give me your top 3. I’ll reply tomorrow with my top 3...

The Internet has made facts a commodity. Now, the value is in the analysis and the speed in which you do it. Investing is the most lucrative area where this is playing out and can gives individuals the chance to compete and win against the Goliaths. Its manifest destiny.

Calendly is a great app I discovered for overcoming unnecessary time wastage when booking in meetings and calls 📆

over 2 years ago

people don’t realize how badly they want and need private online communities and the general decentralization of platforms like twitter, ig, etc where niche groups that were once special are hardly able to cut through noise

over 2 years ago

Probably good for your sanity to practice social distancing with the internet at this time too.

over 2 years ago

There are three kinds of replies on Twitter: 1) Reactions positive/negative - valuable 2) Questions - valuable 3) Bitter Reply-Guys - worthless Auto cancelling #3 would triple Twitter usage imo.

What kids must understand about the news: • Fake news travels faster than true news. • For-profit news (nearly all mainstream news) exists to make money, not to maximize truth. • Bad news makes more profit than good news. • Journalists are everyday people with biases too.