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Own your distribution. (In my case, my website and email list.)

Run lean. Hire slowly and keep your team as small as possible. Find a way to do it without hiring another person. Use freelancers and build partnerships before creating another full-time role.

Share the profit with employees. Get the incentives aligned. Everyone should get a slice of the upside. When the business wins, we all win.

Perhaps the best way to build kickstarter for people is to first build YC for people. On Deck will build it and enable people in our other cohorts (e.g. founders, angels, writers) to tokenize themselves should they want to.

In order for curation businesses to be successful they should: - Give someone their start or otherwise be an inflection point - Be legible (cadence, credibility, curriculum) - Invest in alumni NPS - Be so curated that every person is legit or provide so much value the best join twitter.com/eriktorenberg/…

Growing companies introduce processes to reduce impact of any person leaving. But that also makes it less interesting to work there, b/c by definition people want to work where they have a big impact. The paradox: Actions meant to reduce impact of churn can lead to more churn.

One of the most important formulas for running a business AND building great relationships. Trust = Consistency + Time