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Leaders: to understand team inertia, imagine piloting a vehicle large enough to hold your team. Two co-founders fit on a motorcycle. A team of 4–5 is a sedan. By 20, you're driving a bus. At 2000, it's a battleship. A motorcycle pivots faster than a ship. That's team inertia.

Leaders: to understand team inertia, imagine piloting a vehicle large enough to hold your team.

Two co-founders fit on a motorcycle. A team of 4–5 is a sedan. By 20, you're driving a bus. At 2000, it's a battleship.

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about 2 years ago

What, to you, is the most interesting school of thought that you don't agree with?

One mindset encounters an opportunity and immediately starts thinking about all the potential problems. Another encounters a problem and immediately starts thinking about all the potential solutions. Strive for the latter.

Someone asked me recently what's a boring topic that I'm excited/fascinated by. That's easy: cement. If it's wasn't thousands of years old, cement would seem futuristic. Think about it: it's *liquid rock*! Here's how it works:

The Weekly Planet: Lately, Bill Gates has been thinking about what he calls the “hard stuff” of climate change. These hard problems are at the center of Gates’s helpful new book, "How to Avoid a Climate Disaster," @yayitsrob writes: on.theatln.tc/cBo4nx0

Solution 1: Cut Scope "Something has to get out but I don't care how--what I will compromise on is not the schedule and not the quality, but I will compromise on the scope." - @JamesClear pic.twitter.com/c48sD6N6ra

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Truly great work ages well. Hype erodes with time. Quality persists.

Anytime you think your idea is unique, you just haven't read widely enough.

over 2 years ago

Creative ideas happen when you stop thinking about what others will think.

Theory: Mirrors increase consciousness. The idea of “me” is strengthened when you see yourself daily (vs. the random glance in a pond). You become more self-aware of your existence, your features, your uniqueness. The loop of consciousness (“knowing that you know”) is tighter.

What is one idea that, once you learned it, you started to notice it everywhere?

GREAT SPEECHES I spent over a year searching for insightful speeches that are not widely known. Then I created transcripts for each and compiled them all into one list. If you’re looking for something different to consume, feel free to give them a read. jamesclear.com/great-speeches

over 2 years ago

I get so much value out of Twitter. I just want to thank you all for following along, sharing your ideas, answering my questions, pointing out gaps in my thinking, and much more. I’m grateful to share this platform with you and I’m excited to continue trading interesting ideas.

The qualities of the most powerful ideas in history: (1) They align with reality and the truth of how the world actually works. (2) They have broad applicability and can be used in a wide range of circumstances. (3) They are predictive and not just explanatory.

over 2 years ago

If you want to spread an idea, write an essay that makes it easy to understand. If you want to spread an action, build a tool that makes it easy to do.

I've been wrestling with a question: "How do you know if an idea is good?" It's been harder to answer than I expected. Imagine you are scrolling on Twitter or reading a book or listening to a pitch in a meeting. How do you decide if the idea is any good or not?

Criteria for the ideal neighborhood. Can walk to: -work (or work from home) -the gym (or train at home) -restaurants + entertainment -the supermarket -your kid's school With: -ambitious people nearby -a great school district -low noise + pollution -mature trees -fast internet

over 2 years ago

People are free when they can move. Ideas are free when they can travel. The way to increase freedom is to increase movement. Technologies that move people increase physical freedom: bike, car, plane. Technologies that move ideas increase mental freedom: book, phone, internet.

My writing approach: I rarely have good ideas. To overcome this limitation, I think about one topic (e.g. habits) for an unreasonable amount of time. Then, after lots of reading and research, I revise, revise, revise until only the best stuff remains. It’s slow, but it works!

over 2 years ago

The ultimate test of an idea is whether it works in practice. If an idea works for someone but disagrees with theory, then the theory is wrong. If an idea works for someone but conflicts with research, then the research doesn't apply. Action sets the standard for truth.

over 2 years ago

The best properties are rarely for sale. The best employees are rarely job hunting. The best teachers are rarely teaching. Anything truly great is off the market. Most people think this means you can’t have it. What it really means is you have to go find it and sell yourself.

Just remembered when @patrick_oshag spent a few months posting 2 things he learned each day. Really cool project. I tried it myself for a little bit and it's surprisingly hard! (Particularly if you have the added pressure of publicly sharing interesting lessons.) twitter.com/patrick_oshag/…

The more you create, the more powerful you become. The more you consume, the more powerful others become.

The best business ideas have yet to be tried. The best books have yet to be written. The best relationships have yet to be formed. It's not too late. The space of possibilities is endless. The most interesting terrain remains unexplored.

How to come up with new ideas: Explore across categories, iterate within a category.

"Why Selling Your Home on the Blockchain Will Change the Game | Real Vision FInance" -- Listen now @ApplePodcasts garyvee.com/apple

Curious to hear ideas on how to build curation businesses. We have very few disruptive new universities, accelerators, or Paypal Mafias, which means we understand very little about how to build curation businesses.

I want to see the reality show by which people compete to be Elon's meme dealer. Meme dealers, announce yourselves.

Personal trainer, but for intellectual growth: You identify what you want to learn and the trainer tells you what to read, who to follow, & assembles domain specific tutors & peers. We have intellectual equivalent of classes/bootcamps, but not trainers who take a holistic view.