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One mindset encounters an opportunity and immediately starts thinking about all the potential problems. Another encounters a problem and immediately starts thinking about all the potential solutions. Strive for the latter.

There are two forms of mental toughness: loud and quiet. Loud = Grit in extreme moments, pushing through great challenges. Quiet = Reliability in normal moments, showing up even when it’s easy to bail. Loud gets the press. Quiet wins the trophies.

“When the facts change, I change my mind. What do you do, sir?” — John Maynard Keynes

My favorite analogy for mental models: “If you think of your brain as the operating system, mental models are the different apps that you can install to give you functionality and to improve your decision making.” @george__mack

I recently learned about the Lindy Effect. This term, most recently studied by @nntaleb, states that the longer an idea has been around, the longer it is likely to stick around in the future. What are some Lindy ideas in education? A thread 👇🧵

You and I use automatic thinking too. For example, we naturally reciprocate generosity. We give to people who give to us. Salespeople take advantage of this reflex. They might send us a small gift so it’s easier to sell us a car. fs.blog/2017/09/recipr…

In Mlodinow’s words: 🐥 Automatic thinking helps us drive cars 📈 Analytical thinking helps us build them 🪢 But elastic thinking gave Carl Benz the idea of inventing the car in the first place

In today's world, elastic thinking is more valuable than ever. Things change constantly. New problems arise faster than we can solve old ones. So, how do we get better at elastic thinking? By doing the opposite of what traditional schools are doing.

Sutherland primary education era, there’s so many really inspiring people (like @anafabrega11) working to try and remodel education from the ground up here, happy to be a part of it twitter.com/synthesischool…

Group think mentality prevents innovation... It also makes you stand in longer lines when you don’t have to.

If ever there were a time to employ mental health practices in your routine and career, it’s now. Learn how @daratreseder, @dckarkos, @ajlucio5, @StephMcMahon, @DanielCherryIII, @rosi_ajjam, Patricia Corsi, @KellynKenny and @Everette stay mentally fit. adweek.it/365Dwpf

You build a model to figure out which assumptions drive the model.

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Absolutely devastating. Many of my mental models will need updating. Growth Mindset, Ego Depletion, Milgrim, Stanford Prison, Multiple Intelligences, Marshmallow test and more! twitter.com/jamesheathers/…

THE ONLY PIECE OF ADVICE I'D GIVE MY YOUNGER SELF: When faced with a decision, ask yourself: "What option feels like it will produce the most amount of luck in the future? Choose it." Yet to see the Luck Razor fail. Everything else is just noise.

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Tobi Lutke (@tobi) is the CEO of Shopify He's one of my favorite CLEAR thinkers I spent some time in lockdown going through his interviews Here are 6 mental models I got from it THREAD...

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Charisma Razor: If a high-achieving person is charismatic, start with a level of skepticism for each idea they present If a high-achieving person isn't charismatic, start with a level of openness for each idea they present This goes against human nature (which is why it works)

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MENTAL MODEL: Man-With-A-Hammer-Syndrome To the man with a hammer, every problem looks like a nail. • Seek friends that think differently to you. • Learning the basics of other fields can make you a better specialist. • Avoid accountants that see every cost as a burden.

Josh Waitzkin might be the most INTERESTING person alive. He doesn't have Twitter. And he barely uses the internet. I've compiled my favorite 5 MENTAL MODELS of his below. THREAD...

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Mental Model: Tech adoption is always greater for generations that don't know a world without it E.g. "There will never be as many as 1 million cars worldwide... It is implausible that as many as 1 million people worldwide would be trainable as chauffeurs." - Mercedes, 1903

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5 Mental Frameworks Exceptional People Use: 1. They start from first principles 2. They focus on process 3. They use alter egos 4. They develop mental resilience 5. They know success comes after devastating failure (h/t @visualizevalue for the visuals) theprofile.substack.com/p/the-profile-…

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The @ProfileRead's most popular deep-dive is the one featuring Charlie Munger, the master of mental models. Here are 8 lessons I've learned from his life & career. 👇 pic.twitter.com/3rOoLOQ4IL

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Schwarzeneggers' Rule: • Never need to monetize your artistic pursuits. You won't have to sacrifice your inner joy and vision for a payday. Arnold made millions from property and D2C bodybuilding guides so he never had to say yes to acting gigs he didn't like.

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Walt Disney's Rule: • If struggling to think clearly about a subject, draw it out. Here's Walt Disney's drawing he made in 1957 of the Media Empire he wanted to build. It's iconic. pic.twitter.com/L2k2h8IJN4

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Occam's Razor: • Simple assumptions are more likely to be correct than complex assumptions. Avoid Occam's Duct Tape: • Someone who approaches a problem with a ridiculously large number of assumptions.

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Discomfort Razor: • The more uncomfortable the activity, the more likely it will lead to growth. • The more comfortable the activity, the more likely it will lead to stagnation. 1000 uncomfortable hours > 10,000 comfortable hours

Taleb's Surgeon: • If presented with two seemingly equal candidates for a role, pick the one with the least amount of charisma. The uncharismatic one has got there despite their lack of charisma. The charismatic one has got there with the aid of their charisma.