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My Daily Practices and Habits to Fight Depression β€” Tim Ferriss youtu.be/zJGJGVicLkQ via @YouTube

As someone who has struggled with depression, I have found that becoming a kinder, more tolerant person is often therapeutic, while starting confrontations online tends to make symptoms worse.

I want to start an organization to teach young boys and girls healthy ways to deal with depression and anxiety. Something I wish was available to the kids in my community growing up.

If ever there were a time to employ mental health practices in your routine and career, it’s now. Learn how @daratreseder, @dckarkos, @ajlucio5, @StephMcMahon, @DanielCherryIII, @rosi_ajjam, Patricia Corsi, @KellynKenny and @Everette stay mentally fit. adweek.it/365Dwpf

What's a longform feature that changed your outlook on something?

1/ Are you an INTROVERT? If yes, you are prone to DEPRESSION more than others. Here's a thread based on my new video explaining why. pic.twitter.com/fmByKPY0yW

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over 2 years ago

1/ A thread on BUILDING MENTAL IMMUNITY against DEPRESSION and ANXIETY. You take vitamins, follow a good diet and go to the gym for physical immunity. I urge you to do something to build mental immunity. Here’s how you do it. pic.twitter.com/SmDOxmVfxQ

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over 2 years ago