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On Deck aims to take the bundle that is Stanford—network, credentials, education, etc—and apply it to the entire lifecycle of a person’s career. A place where people explore what they want to do, gain skills & expertise, and make the most meaningful relationships of their lives.

We’re all here for a limited time. Spend it with people you love, doing work that matters. The rest is bs. Waiting for a miracle to happen 🙏🏼❤️😭 twitter.com/FrancesWangTV/…

Real learning happens when we work intensely on things that matter to us. And no one gets this better than kids. That’s why they drag their feet as they walk to school in the fall and sprint as far away as they can in the spring.

The trick to creating a true game is figuring out what your audience is interested in and tapping into those genuine challenges or desires ✨ It’s about coming up with a challenge that’s so immersive it puts players in a flow state. fs.blog/2013/07/what-m…

I want to start an organization to teach young boys and girls healthy ways to deal with depression and anxiety. Something I wish was available to the kids in my community growing up.

Giving back is the thing I'm most passionate about as an entrepreneur. @AdobeDocCloud has helped streamline my philanthropic work. See how you can use their products to empower your philanthropic cause in my latest blog post: adobe.ly/2GueZ0j #AdobePartner pic.twitter.com/a1l82klpYM

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after the past few weeks I've had, I value my time on this earth more than ever. we never know how short our window of opportunity is to leave an impact and legacy. giving each day my everything.

“I never want work to feel like a chore. My career is my purpose, and it should never feel like anything other than a happy place.” - @rihanna