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Entrepreneurship is a personal growth engine disguised as a business pursuit.

Most people consider what is possible and then decide what result they want to create. Entrepreneurs decide what result they want to create and then consider what is possible. Start with your vision and deal with reality—not the reverse.

Whoa LOVED this @ProfileRead Dossier on Esther Wojcicki: Silicon Valley's Godmother This is a must read for parents interested in raising entrepreneurial kids 🤸🏼 3 takeaways from Wojcicki👇🏼 theprofile.substack.com/p/the-profile-…

PSA: One of the worst things you can do to hurt startups/small businesses is falsely dispute charges after receiving a product or service. Don't be a shitty person.

over 2 years ago

Personal brands solely built on depreciating assets (i.e. looks, current popular trend) are destined to fail. Gotta diversify, become versatile and be three steps ahead. Them checks won’t always be there.

Most people have no idea the power of bad reviews and the effect it has on small businesses. If you truly have an unforgivably bad experience, I understand but if you’re just being a brat...chill and realize that can take food off people’s tables.

There’s no better feeling as an entrepreneur to meet a complete stranger who has no idea who you are but knows/uses your company or product.

over 2 years ago

Creativity and innovation doesn’t necessarily = success. But those pushing the limits are the ones that inspire me. Even if you are before your time or people aren’t accepting of your vision yet, just want y’all to know you’re appreciated.

Being an entrepreneur is hard. Being a serial entrepreneur juggling multiple companies and projects is even harder. Luckily, there's @AdobeDocCloud. Read my blog post about how they empower serial entrepreneurs: adobe.ly/2CQGh01 #AdobePartner pic.twitter.com/Yf8I1tn1gZ

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New Product Hunt Radio today: producthunt.com/radio @Everette on how to build a brand and the importance of authenticity (which happens to be one of our 5 stated values at Product Hunt) pic.twitter.com/zTbTxZLcJX

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NEW POD! This week we caught up with @Everette and chatted about: 👀 Everette’s path to entrepreneurship, including dropping out of school 🙌 The importance of being authentic in everything you do 😌 Some of his favorite self-care apps Listen hereee: producthunt.com/radio

Giving back is the thing I'm most passionate about as an entrepreneur. @AdobeDocCloud has helped streamline my philanthropic work. See how you can use their products to empower your philanthropic cause in my latest blog post: adobe.ly/2GueZ0j #AdobePartner pic.twitter.com/a1l82klpYM

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Some personal news. Launched my newest company ArtX (ArtX.net) today with the mission to make the art space more inclusive and empower artists, creators and collectors. This is only phase 1. You can read more here: afrotech.com/everette-taylo… via @AfroTech pic.twitter.com/iQjTfgJvEC

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What's the best way to grow as a founder? 🌱 According to @Everette it's about being real. "I think the best way to grow is just being genuine and true to who you are because people are going to see through it." Listen to more advice on his episode: producthunt.com/radio pic.twitter.com/LTr92FFXtr

A millennial entrepreneur who built a marketing empire now wants to change the way you discover and buy original art businessinsider.com/artx-everett-t…

over 2 years ago

#HappyJuneteenth ! New Ep. of the podcast today feat. serial entrepreneur & marketing executive @Everette. We’ll be discussing his journey from once being homeless to running 8 figure companies and the launch of his new venture @ArtXOfficial_ . Listen: Linktr.ee/MVPodcast pic.twitter.com/4WO9GXRjyQ

When I asked @Everette what's the one change that people need to make, I really wasn't expecting this response. Much respect to him for talking about an issue that too many people hide. Watch the full episode on YouTube: youtu.be/gvuqBX-9NvE pic.twitter.com/ldEZ5QRjN7

A lot people don’t know but crossing Alpha was a huge part of my journey to becoming the man I am today. The good and the bad. Thanks to Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. (@apa1906NETwork) and Sphinx Magazine for the feature 🤙🏾 pic.twitter.com/h0T7aJ5mK4

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.@Everette Taylor talked navigating the art world as young Black man, helping others with #ArtX, and how he’s gotten where he is as an entrepreneur: “For me, wanting to leave the world better than I found it pushes me to live up to my full potential” mtv.com/news/3133191/e…

to all the entrepreneurs going through a rough time right now (and the ones who are pretending like they aren't), keep your head up. peaks and valleys.

over 2 years ago

Combine a stellar background in digital #marketing and #technology with the desire to make a difference, and the possibilities are endless. Serial entrepreneur @Everette discusses his latest venture that is changing the art landscape on @businessinsider: businessinsider.com/artx-everett-t…

At 17, Everette Taylor (@Everette) was homeless after dropping out of high school. Knowing what he wanted in life, Everette began his entrepreneurial journey at 19. By 28, Everette had built 4 multi-million dollar businesses. Here’s his story 👇 pic.twitter.com/8jfd6JMj82

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Passionate. Humble. Relentless. Before taking his latest @artsy #CMO role at 30 years old, @Everette had already built up quite the life story. From homeless to successful serial #entrepreneur, Everette brings 🔥 skills to the big table. @Adweek #CMOMoves adweek.com/inside-the-bra…

Artsy CMO Everette Taylor on his entrepreneurial ethos, millionaires' art investments, expanding the art market, and his most prized possession—a portrait of himself by artist Henry Taylor. bit.ly/3qdhsCF

If a team is literally unknown in crypto, just remember they not only have to deliver their idea, but they then have to earn respect from the community Community first founders solve the latter first, so when they pull back the curtain their is a crowd to see it 🎪🎤

It’s infinitely easier to invest in founders who are engaged publicly🤳🏻 These founder’s public networks help from bootstrapping supply/demand sides to code review etc🧾 Active public engagement also spot checks the founder’s ideas for PMF in an evolving space + they can adapt👷‍♂️

There’ll be new cities valued in the trillions like Apple, Google, Amazon, Microsoft. Except millions of new millionaires will be created by new cities. There will be thousands of new cities created in our lifetimes. Entrepreneurs will create new cities like new companies

love the honesty by @agazdecki .. "What does it feel like the day after you sell your company?" pic.twitter.com/srITGpDVvW

What entrepreneurs crave in investors is conviction.