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0/ We led a $4M seed round in @solscanofficial along with @ElectricCapital and many others Block explorers are one of the most important parts of a blockchain ecosystem, and one of the least-loved multicoin.capital/2021/12/22/the…

almost 2 years ago

1/ The Solana Foundation is proud to announce that the @solana blockchain is carbon neutral for 2021! We also pledge to work with the broader community to ensure the network remains carbon neutral through 2022 and beyond solana.com/news/solana-fo…

almost 2 years ago

For founders: how did you select the blockchain you're building on? For me with Solana, it was 1) I happened to see a tweet at the right time and 2) it felt obvious that with SBF/Jump it would become a strong DeFi chain, yet there weren't many live projects at the time.

For me with Solana, it was 1) I happened to see a tweet at the right time and 2) it felt obvious that with SBF/Jump it would become a strong DeFi chain, yet there weren't many live projects at the time.

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So many projects . Supply and demand always gets stretched during this “time”

over 2 years ago

"Why Selling Your Home on the Blockchain Will Change the Game | Real Vision FInance" -- Listen now @ApplePodcasts garyvee.com/apple

this makes me smile :) .. many people are coming in and looking for Fiat options, we need more projects that teach people how to onboard to new currencies and their blockchains ..the education to the community is the real win twitter.com/Pedactor55/sta…

If a team is literally unknown in crypto, just remember they not only have to deliver their idea, but they then have to earn respect from the community Community first founders solve the latter first, so when they pull back the curtain their is a crowd to see it 🎪🎤

It’s infinitely easier to invest in founders who are engaged publicly🤳🏻 These founder’s public networks help from bootstrapping supply/demand sides to code review etc🧾 Active public engagement also spot checks the founder’s ideas for PMF in an evolving space + they can adapt👷‍♂️

Today we’re announcing commercial availability for VMware Blockchain. I’m thrilled about the potential for deploying decentralized apps across enterprises. Thank you @GregL_VMware, @Brendon_Howe, and all in @vmwocto who helped make this happen. Great work! octo.vmware.com/vmware-blockch…

1/ We're in the process of helping @bzxHQ solve this pricing data manipulation issue for the long-term by using our decentralized oracle network's price reference data; feeds.chain.link providing both a decentralized oracle mechanism and multiple quality data aggregators. twitter.com/el33th4xor/sta…

A recent podcast about how #DeFi's growth is the early stages of universally connected smart contracts gaining adoption. Enabled by decentralized oracle mechanisms (@chainlink) and the on-chain data delivery they enable. Thanks @jamie247 for having me on; apple.co/3fLL2cx pic.twitter.com/TDExXEGjUb

One scenario for the adoption of smart contracts as the dominant form of digital agreement is driven by a loss of faith in “brand-based” contracts. These contracts may fail in extreme market conditions, to be replaced by “math/cryptography-based” contracts coindesk.com/how-defi-could… pic.twitter.com/pmQHSf7hnF

Data quality is an important consideration for smart contract developers to keep in mind, and especially relevant when building #DeFi Smart Contracts. Here are some key considerations about data quality working together with an oracle mechanism's security blog.chain.link/the-importance…

Thrilled to share my presentation from @initc3org's bootcamp: bit.ly/2F3MgT9, covering some of the key points for designing a decentralized oracle mechanism: Data quality, Origin Proofs, Data Validation, Crypto-economic Security and Data Privacy: youtube.com/watch?v=t29bBB… pic.twitter.com/74eTWsVowN

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Providing validated weather data on-chain is already enabling an entirely new category of universally connected smart contracts; parametric crop insurance. Farmers all over the world can now continue to operate regardless of unpredictable weather patterns: arbolmarket.com/businesses-and…

Generating definitive truth is a unique capability of decentralized computation; while blockchains do this well for transactions, ownership and voting, decentralized oracles provide definitive truth about real world data/events, increasing their usefulness apple.co/3liiVov pic.twitter.com/RTqjThnriq

Excited to share my presentation from #SmartCon, covering the expansive nature of what oracles can achieve for #DeFi and how smart contracts + oracles are on track to become the dominant form of digital agreement. Slides: bit.ly/34ZcrW0 and Video: youtube.com/watch?v=dC3PUv…

Just like web developers combine multiple APIs, libraries and external services to quickly build high value web applications. We're now seeing various smart contracts being composed together with oracles to create real value. Slides bit.ly/2T876EO youtu.be/xb4rjKnT0t8

Any data or API can become easily sold across blockchains: 1. Sell existing APIs to Chainlink Oracle Networks, with zero changes to your infrastructure. 2. Sell signed data directly to smart contracts on many blockchains via your own official Chainlink. blog.chain.link/easily-sell-yo…

Implicit staking and explicit staking are both powerful cryptoeconomic forces. While Implicit staking creates guarantees about adherence to a protocol generally, explicit staking creates specific guarantees about fulfilling individual contract requests. youtube.com/watch?v=ufVyX7… pic.twitter.com/0OrDZr6m3d

Providing accurate data from hundreds of high quality data sources that provide a tamper-proof global price, in a decentralized way, is a key part of what enables Chainlink to make #DeFi itself tamper-proof. Some discussion on this point with @shvandrew: youtube.com/watch?v=77eNN7… pic.twitter.com/bz3dFTecD2

Just like the internet's infrastructure matured to an inflection point before its best use cases went live, we are now seeing the improvement of blockchains, smart contracts and oracles to the inflection point where #DeFi is a new global financial system. open.spotify.com/episode/7n2EaJ… pic.twitter.com/I6QZPsNhoI

As more contractual breaches like #robinhood appear, the need for trustworthy contracts that go beyond a brand's paper promises will be highly in-demand. Trustworthy contracts is what blockchains, smart contracts and oracles combine to provide via #DeFi. youtu.be/dC3PUvHbVDQ?t=… pic.twitter.com/8hzfZkvCCW

Validated data is just one use case of trust minimized off-chain computation. There are entire categories of services that will be provided in the oracle network format, beyond data delivery; VRF, Keepers and FSS are just some initial high value examples. youtu.be/QEXHItGXITY?t=… pic.twitter.com/K1pE5tTW4L

The global financial system is based on people's trust in their ability to gain a return, with predictable risks, while maintaining control over their assets. If #DeFi provides a superior alternative on all three dimensions, there will be a shift in trust. youtu.be/QEXHItGXITY?t=… pic.twitter.com/7hQdqKqbfC

Chainlink OCR is a 10X improvement in the overall scalability of all Chainlink networks, enabling us to provide even more critical data to #DeFi, provide that data at higher accuracy, on more chains and with even greater security. blog.chain.link/off-chain-repo… chain.link/ocrpaper twitter.com/Smart_Contract…

As the limitations of smart contracts are solved, the ability to reinvent multiple industries is emerging; ownership being tokenized, global finance becoming DeFi, digital art becoming NFTs, and many more. Join the @Chainlink hackathon, to build the future chn.lk/2MLGLN2 pic.twitter.com/xQ3BWHZRjG

The Chainlink Network's various decentralized services, provide both the validated data, and off-chain computation needed to create #DeFi, #NFTs and many other advanced smart contracts. e.g. Chainlink VRF's verifiable randomness, makes provably rare NFTs. youtube.com/watch?v=Iw3RwW… pic.twitter.com/msg0ifjimb

We're at a key moment in history, where technology either enables distrust, division and dictatorship, or it enables trust, collaboration and fairness. Blockchains, smart contracts and oracles are the technologies that will define which path we will take. youtu.be/Iw3RwWV-whw?t=… pic.twitter.com/rl6SgSvnFz