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Refuse to pay ridiculous amounts of gas for NFTs which is why I've always been bullish on @solana. Been saving up for a @FamousFoxFed for a while now and just joined the team!

over 1 year ago

Minting and flipping NFT's to make money is one thing, but investing in projects on the after market with high conviction is the way to be successful and profitable. 🤝

over 1 year ago

NEW: Congressional candidate @shrinakurani is dropping 2,022 NFTs on Solana as part of her campaign to win a seat on the House of Representatives. @nikhileshde reports trib.al/n3uSAYp

As we start to build on Solana, I'm going to write about what I'm learning! Here's my first post, it's on how Solana NFTs differ from Ethereum NFTs: lu.ma/p/yfM8WI50zBgh…

what are the top 3 things keeping DAO's from taking off the way NFT's have in the last year?

NFTs turn everything into a market. Our digital future is going to get wild.

about 2 years ago

… please invest dollars you can afford to lose, this is a highly risky asset class. I am so bullish on NFT’s overall over the next decade, the smart contracts, the growth ect .. but individual pfp’ ect will be risky & many will be left with the bag

about 2 years ago

VeeFriends NFT statistics I use to look at sports cards as a kid at stuff like this .. then at wine 🍷 like this … now it’s my own project … this is just insane 😢 nft-stats.com/collection/vee…

Don’t get caught up in the fomo or the dollars . Get educated on all the aspects of nfts this is a tremendous technology that will hit all parts of our world. Like social media, too many get caught up with the numbers. Please be thoughtful ❤️ and learn and play with $ u can lose

So many projects . Supply and demand always gets stretched during this “time”

about 2 years ago

Favorite project right now in NFTs My 2? @tsrocketfactory - so well thought out and real world asset from a real player in C art 🖼 world & @worldofwomennft - more expansion of the space, subjectively love the art 🖼 . Your turn … and why

Please … the NfT stuff is very hot .. this is exactly when you can get “caught” be thoughtful, get educated, don’t let fomo hit, don’t listen to what I like or anyone else , spend time educating in discord, twitter, medium, be patient. Most projects will fail … right now it

Many startups were a fad … just like many current pfp NfT projects will be … but the overall movement of social media wasn’t a fad, it was going to change how humans communicated. Same will happen with #nfts it will change how we own things pic.twitter.com/cZ15m1DSlH

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Please do homework … buy and invest in things with money you can afford to lose … things are fever pitch hot #nft which can lead to some bad decisions . That said it’s an incredible time for innovation and consumers learning new realities which is so cool

minting NEW NFT projects is just like opening packs of collectible cards .....another reason this shit kills it for my DNA .. fun matters #nft

about 2 years ago

there's a level of fun and creativity and joy that comes with NFT collecting and dat trading.. i am literally buying skelton horses ... think about that .. i just texted someone, sorry i am last for our 330, i need to buy skelton horses. This is why CREATIVITY matters

about 2 years ago

50 hours of homework … too many running in with the hope of a quick buck.. this is a long term play as a technology and platform .. the individual projects right now are High high risk, as there’s too many of them die the demand twitter.com/delfabz/status…

about 2 years ago

Almost every IPhone app start up failed during the explosion of apps during the launch of the iPhone App Store … that didn’t mean iPhone apps weren’t a huge new important consumer trend. Same will Happen with nfts … most will fail .. some will become “Uber and Instagram”

The most interesting moment on the horizon for the NfT market is when the current state of projects crash .. it’s not sustainable the amount of pfp projects coming out, when it all comes down (who knows when) most will do what always happens and overreact and say it was all a ..

VaynerX Presents: Marketing for the Now Episode 26 with Gary Vaynerchuk pscp.tv/w/c-0mR3R3LTU3…

@garyvee's full interview on @CNBC where he announces his new NFT Restaurance with #vcrgroup cnbc.com/video/2021/08/…

about 2 years ago