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Don’t spend what you haven’t earned. Avoid financial debt. Don’t spend money you haven’t earned. Avoid social debt. Don’t spend goodwill you haven’t earned. Avoid calendar debt. Don’t spend (free) time you haven’t earned. The disciplined earner can be a guilt-free spender.

Negotiate expenses yearly. Analyze all of your expenses and eliminate anything you no longer need. With your biggest expenses, look up the latest pricing of their competitors and ask them to beat the lowest price. If there is no relevant competitor, ask for 20% off.

Please do homework … buy and invest in things with money you can afford to lose … things are fever pitch hot #nft which can lead to some bad decisions . That said it’s an incredible time for innovation and consumers learning new realities which is so cool

most are giddy now .. because its up up up on many #nfts .. please remember this stuff goes both ways, real estate, the stock market, collectibles, and the sheer SUPPLY of new projects and artists are overwhelming .. be thoughtful with money u can afford to lose

Money is a funny thing. People have these imaginary numbers in their head of how much money they need to be “good” Truth is, most people adjust their lifestyle to their income even subconsciously and and they end up feeling like they need/want more.

over 2 years ago

The people around me growing up taught me that the perception of having money was more important than obtaining wealth through their actions. Those bad influences are continuing to impact future generations. We have to take personal responsibility to change that.

I just hope you guys realize a lot of this stuff is fleeting and really not that important at the end of day. Success/money can be here today, gone tomorrow. They can love you one day, and cancel you the next. Can’t base your self-worth and sanity into this stuff.

Walking away from money when the deal isn’t right is one of the hardest things to do. But peace of mind and knowing your worth is invaluable.

cutting things that you only spend money on for external validation will have your finances looking 👌🏾

Money doesn’t buy happiness - it buys freedom.

over 2 years ago

1/ The long term value of currencies like bitcoin (or USD) is determined by: number of people holding it * number of transactions involving it per person

How to make Universal Basic Income (UBI) work? (a short thread)

With stock markets all-time high, are we in a bubble? The following chart suggests we might NOT be. (a short thread explaining why) pic.twitter.com/tmW4sQf17l

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5/ But then if you’re holding cash, why would interest rates become negative? Because when people hold a currency, it appreciates as comparison to other currencies. If Swiss francs are being held in banks and not getting spent/invested, the currency appreciates.

over 2 years ago

How to make sense of negative interest rates. (a short thread)

over 2 years ago

Here’s me trying to make sense of the unprecedented 2020 bull rally of stock markets. (A thread)

over 2 years ago

How to think about investments into stock market? (A thread)

How 💸 money works. (a massive, 100-part thread)

over 2 years ago

Has anyone done a game theoretic analysis of how China can gain geo-political influence with its majority control of bitcoin mining? I can think of a few scenarios (below), but would love to know more.

1/ What’s a digital currency? It’s programmable money directly issued from the central bank to citizens. Right now, banks are intermediaries and central bank doesn’t issue money directly to citizens. Read more here: twitter.com/paraschopra/st…

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