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This whole situation really makes me want Bitcoin to succeed.

BTC, lowest price by year 2011: $0.30 2012: $4 2013: $13 2014: $309 2015: $177 2016: $358 2017: $775 2018: $3214 2019: $3385 2020: $4914 2021: $29391 (so far) ETH, lowest price by year 2015: $0.41 2016: $0.84 2017: $8 2018: $80 2019: $100 2020: $111 2021: $730 (so far)

over 2 years ago

Bitcoin is serious. Dogecoin is fun. Life needs a bit of both.

over 2 years ago

The cryptocurrency world is a high-stakes battle of ideas.

over 2 years ago

"If you can't handle me at my worst, you don't deserve me at my best." - Cryptocurrency

over 2 years ago

Please … the NfT stuff is very hot .. this is exactly when you can get “caught” be thoughtful, get educated, don’t let fomo hit, don’t listen to what I like or anyone else , spend time educating in discord, twitter, medium, be patient. Most projects will fail … right now it

this makes me smile :) .. many people are coming in and looking for Fiat options, we need more projects that teach people how to onboard to new currencies and their blockchains ..the education to the community is the real win twitter.com/Pedactor55/sta…

Please … please in the midst of this insane #NFTSummer please be thoughtful and don’t let fomo dictate your decisions. Please invest, trade, collect with $ you can afford to lose, this is very next consumer behaviors and there is a lot of supply, a lot, demand growing , BUT … twitter.com/garyvee/status…

Everything You Need to Know About NFT and Wallet Security Please read a few times - too many doing wonderful work and then losing it all ❤️ one37pm.com/nft/finance/ev…

You will miss many projects that explode You will flip too early on project that will explode You will ape into something that never takes off You will have a lot of nfts that you’re sitting on when the market softens These will all happen and it’s ok if …

teach them to fish .. i get 100's of these a week ... i am happy because everyone i care about should get knowledgeable about Web3, like i was happy when all my friends gave up their blackberries for a IPHONE ...even though 3 years earlier they said "never" pic.twitter.com/gmBOs4rq8Y

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most are giddy now .. because its up up up on many #nfts .. please remember this stuff goes both ways, real estate, the stock market, collectibles, and the sheer SUPPLY of new projects and artists are overwhelming .. be thoughtful with money u can afford to lose

i spent 2 months and 100's of hours of reading,watching,listening before i bought my first NFT ..

COVID could be crypto's moment: It showed our gov'ts are incompetent so we need charter cities, our media is cynical so we need prediction markets, & our gov’t will print their way through everything so we need bitcoin. Trust in institutions is low, & crypto is all about trust.

Cryptocurrencies are digitally-native monies that outcompete pre-internet monies on several dimensions. What are the digital equivalents for status signaling that outcompete other signaling purchases, and could even obsolete them one day? Digital versions of rims, sneakers, etc

Coinbase founders meeting on Reddit is like Wordpress/Gitlab succeeding as a distributed company: it proves it can be done, and makes it easier to sell because you can point to a winner.

What are the best crypto funds under $50M? Or the best angels more broadly in the space? We're looking for great folks to include as co-investors.

In the same way that crypto-networks aim to wrest power away from centralized corporations—to change “don’t be evil” to “can’t be evil”— The pseudonymous economy aims to wrest power from decentralized mobs—to change “don’t cancel others you disagree with”to “can’t cancel others”

I don't know many people who believe in something more than my bitcoin friends believe in BTC. There are memes and then there are religions.

Bitcoin is a constant marshmallow test, except the marshmallow alternates between expanding and shrinking wildly.

I wonder if longevity could rally a similarly powerful community as the bitcoin community. Longevity has raw ingredients (ideology, transcendence), the only thing missing is everyone getting rich on the way up. Maybe they'll live longer, tho that gratification is more delayed.

Gold is not a valuable money because it has value as, say, Jewelry. It has value as Jewelry b/c it’s a valuable money. This misunderstanding causes people to overrate gold as it relates to BTC There’s a similar misunderstanding that leads people to overrate art relative to NFTs

“Investors get into trouble when they only make bets that make them look sophisticated—at the expense of something that looks too obvious or available.” - an unnamed investor who’s largest holding was bitcoin, a couple years ago.

if you're investing in Bitcoin at these prices, more power to ya

It's really neat how the crypto world is basically this non stop Bretton Woods. Except with more skin in the game and tighter feedback loops. EIP-1559 is a fascinating example of that.

over 2 years ago