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There are a lot of misconceptions about #Solana and its performance / decentralization. This is made worse by people not knowing where to check for stats regarding the network. Here are some sites you can check out to view some data & insights about SOL 🧵

over 1 year ago

Decentralized movements are more powerful because, being decentralized, you can't attack any central leadership. Also they can deny their intent, structure, or even existence, pointing to their decentralization as an alibi

almost 2 years ago

The original problem decentralization aimed to solve around platform risk was the concern that platform operators could change the rules of the game on its users Today, platforms are wanting to decentralize themselves to avoid being affiliated w/ or responsible for user activity

almost 2 years ago

COVID could be crypto's moment: It showed our gov'ts are incompetent so we need charter cities, our media is cynical so we need prediction markets, & our gov’t will print their way through everything so we need bitcoin. Trust in institutions is low, & crypto is all about trust.

In the same way that crypto-networks aim to wrest power away from centralized corporations—to change “don’t be evil” to “can’t be evil”— The pseudonymous economy aims to wrest power from decentralized mobs—to change “don’t cancel others you disagree with”to “can’t cancel others”

Today we’re announcing commercial availability for VMware Blockchain. I’m thrilled about the potential for deploying decentralized apps across enterprises. Thank you @GregL_VMware, @Brendon_Howe, and all in @vmwocto who helped make this happen. Great work! octo.vmware.com/vmware-blockch…

ChainLink: A Decentralized Oracle Network, connecting Smart Contracts to real world data, events and bank payments; link.smartcontract.com/whitepaper

Looking back on #Devcon3, I'm really impressed by the Ethereum community's eagerness to make infrastructure that solves real societal issues

“We heard the same concern over and over again: a panic over giving up control.” is how @Benioff described initial reactions to SaaS replacing on-premise, until the value of SaaS won out. It'll be the same story with Smart Contracts, as their ability to deliver value improves

1/ We're in the process of helping @bzxHQ solve this pricing data manipulation issue for the long-term by using our decentralized oracle network's price reference data; feeds.chain.link providing both a decentralized oracle mechanism and multiple quality data aggregators. twitter.com/el33th4xor/sta…

Excited to see DeFi's growth past $2Bn, and believe it shows the early stages of universally connected smart contracts redefining our industry. We are seeing growth in both the amount of teams using feeds.chain.link and the amount of data put on-chain for new #DeFi markets

Thrilled to share my presentation from @initc3org's bootcamp: bit.ly/2F3MgT9, covering some of the key points for designing a decentralized oracle mechanism: Data quality, Origin Proofs, Data Validation, Crypto-economic Security and Data Privacy: youtube.com/watch?v=t29bBB… pic.twitter.com/74eTWsVowN

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Excited to share my presentation from #SmartCon, covering the expansive nature of what oracles can achieve for #DeFi and how smart contracts + oracles are on track to become the dominant form of digital agreement. Slides: bit.ly/34ZcrW0 and Video: youtube.com/watch?v=dC3PUv…

Implicit staking and explicit staking are both powerful cryptoeconomic forces. While Implicit staking creates guarantees about adherence to a protocol generally, explicit staking creates specific guarantees about fulfilling individual contract requests. youtube.com/watch?v=ufVyX7… pic.twitter.com/0OrDZr6m3d

Global financial markets seek yield, want to avoid counterparty risk and fear rapidly rising inflation from unprecedented money printing. #DeFi consistently provides superior 5%+ yield, transparency via blockchains and acts as a hedge against inflation. open.spotify.com/episode/7n2EaJ… pic.twitter.com/e2HupEr8kg

Just like the internet's infrastructure matured to an inflection point before its best use cases went live, we are now seeing the improvement of blockchains, smart contracts and oracles to the inflection point where #DeFi is a new global financial system. open.spotify.com/episode/7n2EaJ… pic.twitter.com/I6QZPsNhoI

As more contractual breaches like #robinhood appear, the need for trustworthy contracts that go beyond a brand's paper promises will be highly in-demand. Trustworthy contracts is what blockchains, smart contracts and oracles combine to provide via #DeFi. youtu.be/dC3PUvHbVDQ?t=… pic.twitter.com/8hzfZkvCCW

DeFi Fast Case: a global market correction makes #DeFi a safe haven providing high yields and low counterparty risk. DeFi Slow Case: individual flashpoints of counterparty risk failures e.g. #robinhood continually create demand for transparent systems. youtu.be/QnNdSIryjnM?t=… pic.twitter.com/OHdoeYez2P

Validated data is just one use case of trust minimized off-chain computation. There are entire categories of services that will be provided in the oracle network format, beyond data delivery; VRF, Keepers and FSS are just some initial high value examples. youtu.be/QEXHItGXITY?t=… pic.twitter.com/K1pE5tTW4L

Chainlink OCR is a 10X improvement in the overall scalability of all Chainlink networks, enabling us to provide even more critical data to #DeFi, provide that data at higher accuracy, on more chains and with even greater security. blog.chain.link/off-chain-repo… chain.link/ocrpaper twitter.com/Smart_Contract…

We're at a key moment in history, where technology either enables distrust, division and dictatorship, or it enables trust, collaboration and fairness. Blockchains, smart contracts and oracles are the technologies that will define which path we will take. youtu.be/Iw3RwWV-whw?t=… pic.twitter.com/rl6SgSvnFz

Enterprises can easily leverage #Chainlink oracles to create secure connections between their existing backend systems & any blockchain network, quickly enabling them to conduct commerce across new on-chain markets. Listen to the full @DavidNage episode: acrabaselayer.podbean.com/e/base-layer-e… pic.twitter.com/VpUjYP6Mvq

Oracle networks go far beyond delivering highly validated data, they provide the various decentralized services that are combined with smart contracts to create real world outcomes. These hybrid smart contracts are already redefining our industry as #DeFi. hiddenforces.io/podcasts/serge… pic.twitter.com/0bxmSHqkI5

Hybrid smart contracts combine a growing set of oracle-powered off-chain services that interact with and augment the on-chain code which defines a smart contract's conditions, enabling fully-featured dApps that are redefining the blockchain industry. chain.link/whitepaper pic.twitter.com/tAaTpzxZYZ

Decentralized Oracle Networks and Blockchains have distinctly different but very complementary goals. Blockchains create immutable on-chain state and computations, while oracle networks provide them with key off-chain inputs, without creating a blockchain. hiddenforces.io/podcasts/serge… pic.twitter.com/TrnfJgNqqF

Hybrid smart contracts have a net positive effect on the environment, because they can be used to create incentives for avoiding pollution and for fixing issues created by a shift in climate. Highly automated carbon tax credits using oracle network verified events is one example.

Chainlink's ability to provide timely and accurate updates through extreme network congestion is due to existing cryptoeconomic guarantees. The super-linear property of explicit staking is an even more scalable way to provide on-chain data in the timely way needed by all of DeFi. pic.twitter.com/ATHOPVa15T

Chainlink enables hybrid smart contracts for both DeFi and institutions. DeFi is acting as an issuer which is accelerated by decentralized services, creating user demand, which institutions want to serve, across many chains which they access via Chainlink. podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/bas… pic.twitter.com/HgnPHGvsJw