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Why innovation is hard: the idea maze is intricate, and you're groping in the dark. Trying topical applications of penicillin to wounds was a totally reasonable idea, but it didn't work. Easy to get discouraged and not realize you are one tweak away from a breakthrough pic.twitter.com/zmYueMaQ8w

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The idea maze is intricate, and you're groping in the dark. Trying topical applications of penicillin to wounds was a totally reasonable idea, but it didn't work. Easy to get discouraged and not realize you are one tweak away from a breakthrough

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“If total factor productivity had continued to grow at its 1957 to 1973 rate then we today would be living in the world of 2076 rather than in the world of 2014” @ATabarrok marginalrevolution.com/marginalrevolu…

#MLKDay has long been a national day of service. As we celebrate the first without Congressman John Lewis, I'm thinking about his powerful call to remain hopeful about the future as we work to make our country—and our world—a better place. b-gat.es/2D0Oj9J

We're fortunate to have an Energy Secretary who's focused on creating high-quality jobs to build a clean energy economy. I look forward to working with @SecGranholm on clean tech innovation and deployment. b-gat.es/3dP6VJQ

The technological transformation we need to address climate change can create good, safe jobs and build a more equitable, prosperous economy. To make that happen, we need to think big: gatesnot.es/3dh6w11 pic.twitter.com/PR5sxI7aDt

It's encouraging to see innovation and clean energy investments at the forefront of @POTUS's #AmericanJobsPlan. Building markets for new energy technologies is good for jobs today and will build the economies we need while avoiding a climate disaster. b-gat.es/3udH5UR

Cement is responsible for 6% of carbon emissions globally. To get to net-zero by 2050, we need innovations to decarbonize the material. I discuss a few approaches to make low-emission cement in my climate book: gatesnot.es/3uBFwk3

Ambitious short-term goals like this are critical to moving closer to a net-zero future. As we rapidly scale the solutions we have, we must also invest in innovation to reach our ultimate goals. Thank you @POTUS for your leadership. b-gat.es/3xcT7Ap

This is the greatest opportunity for innovation in human history: gatesnot.es/3xLku46 pic.twitter.com/bj6rY3FszB

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Our foundation joined the polio fight almost 15 years ago. And in all that time, I cannot think of a more important moment than right now. gatesnot.es/3rmlutl

Over the years, I’ve shared a stage with a jar of human feces, smelled pit latrine odor, and drunk water made from poop (and convinced @jimmyfallon to drink it too). Was it worth it? You bet. Here’s why: gatesnot.es/3rKJA0X

“We are closer than ever to building a world where safe sanitation service is a basic human right enjoyed by everyone, not just those with money and access to water.” – @Doulaye_bmgf gates.ly/3zQXl0X

Ever heard a toilet be compared to an espresso machine? That’s how Dr. Shannon Yee describes the toilet he and his team have developed. gatesnot.es/3iiW5xz

How much of the world population still lacks access to a toilet that safely removes waste from the home? Find the answer here: gatesnot.es/3C6lNgH

I don’t think any of @ronnychieng’s innovations are ready to bring to market. Luckily, brilliant scientists and engineers around the world have developed hundreds of exciting solutions that will prevent illness and death: gatesnot.es/3kjj3oh twitter.com/TheDailyShow/s…

“How do we use technology and innovation to solve today’s problems?” That’s the question David Sengeh, Sierra Leone’s chief innovation officer and education minister, is looking to answer with the country’s National Innovation and Digital Strategy: gatesnot.es/2VrKjbB pic.twitter.com/EV9zh7Lq0x

I wrote about two ways to achieve vaccine equity in the future. If the world makes the right investments and decisions now, we can make things better next time. And maybe even make sure there is no next time at all. gatesnot.es/2YLiIEa

Earlier today I attended the #GlobalInvestmentSummit where we announced @Breakthrough Energy Catalyst’s latest partnership to accelerate climate technologies. Thanks to the UK government & @10DowningStreet for taking bold action. b-gat.es/2YZAcfE

It's likely that the thing the 21st century will be remembered for has not been invented or built yet.

over 2 years ago

Please do homework … buy and invest in things with money you can afford to lose … things are fever pitch hot #nft which can lead to some bad decisions . That said it’s an incredible time for innovation and consumers learning new realities which is so cool

In times of innovation .. people struggle to see tomorrow because they look to yesterday for their answers pic.twitter.com/E5EyNNlVgD

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Miami tech asks "How can I help" earnestly and unironically, because it still can. Some other tech communities are too jaded/WEIRD to ask "How can I help" without making fun of the concept. Great piece by @KTmBoyle: boyle.substack.com/p/on-miami

If we hope to spur innovation, we must allow kids to pursue some of their wildest ideas. 🤸🏽‍♀️

If we want a society of innovators and problem-solvers, we need a system designed around creative thinking, not instructions. Scripted lesson plans and “paint-by-numbers” thinking is just not good enough. Here’s how instruction-based learning compares to creative thinking: pic.twitter.com/SRnbtkPpW9

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Creativity and innovation doesn’t necessarily = success. But those pushing the limits are the ones that inspire me. Even if you are before your time or people aren’t accepting of your vision yet, just want y’all to know you’re appreciated.

Honored to be included on the @Forbes CMO Next List with incredible CMOs from some of the top brands in the world. All credit goes to my incredible marketing team at @Artsy. twitter.com/ForbesCMO/stat…

.@VMware's @PGelsinger has a very simple formula for the U.S. to be restored and for long-term leadership in the future of work and 5G tech. @jonfortt #CNBCatWork pic.twitter.com/zegbpLqnH1

We believe in creating a business that harnesses the best and brightest talent from every corner of the globe. The competition for tech talent requires immigration policies that allow innovative U.S.-based companies like VMware to attract and hire high-skilled workers globally.