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In times of innovation .. people struggle to see tomorrow because they look to yesterday for their answers pic.twitter.com/E5EyNNlVgD

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Congrats @ajassy as you take the helm as CEO at Amazon. You are a fantastic business leader, and have always been a great partner to work with. Can’t wait to see how you innovate across the Amazon community!

10 years ago, Netflix spent $0 on original content. This year: Netflix: $11B Apple: $6B Disney: $1B + amazon, hulu HBO etc. = $20B+ Here's a crazy startup idea to take a swing at this $20B+ content piñata. 👇 Here's a quick business plan 🤔

Top product searches on Amazon: 1) Airpods 2) Goli (apple cider vinegar gummies) Crazy!

"Amazon last year told Ecobee it had to give the tech giant data from its voice-enabled devices even when customers weren’t using them.. [and] if it didn’t comply with the data demands, it could potentially not retain Alexa certification on future models." wsj.com/articles/amazo…