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Top product searches on Amazon: 1) Airpods 2) Goli (apple cider vinegar gummies) Crazy!

The easiest way to get customers will be Google Ads, Yelp Ads, and offline stuff like flyers or partnering with moving co's In most cities, there’s nobody advertising for the keywords “moving bin rental + [cityname]” eg. miami, the company advertising doesn't even serve Miami! pic.twitter.com/DlmQCS7aw3

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So, if you ever have to decide between the fancy shit or the basic shit, make sure to put most of the emphasis on the basic shit. Not whether they give out free headphones. pic.twitter.com/YZ2VZLiSeK

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• The internet is kinda like college. Educational but full of distractions. • Customisable algorithms of the future should optimise for the individual's goals - rather than the goals of the platform. • Until then, we’re all swimming in sewage trying to find nuggets of gold.

1/ There’s ONE big unsolved problem for anyone who’s interested: reliably detecting humans on the Internet. Cracking this problem has potential to unlock billions of dollars of value. Here’s how. pic.twitter.com/MVuF3LbPzI

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Today’s social internet: - Broadcast - Ad-driven - Small # of incumbents - Highly curated Tomorrow’s social internet: - Group chat, multiple identities - Paid monthly sub - Audio, video, avatar first - Successful mid-size apps - Highly raw The future couldn't come sooner