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PSA: If you—or a friend who's coming to you for tech support—suddenly can't access certain websites today, they might be on a very old/outdated operating system. @letsencrypt's root certificate expired and older OSes don't have the new one: scotthelme.co.uk/lets-encrypt-o…

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I'm trying to put together a list of amazing, but older blogs. Could be individual posts or full archives. Generally speaking, think: 2005-2015 time frame. What would you include?

The power of the internet revealed through GameStop trading is inspiring. It's a reminder that people still have power to challenge institutions. This can lead to progress or chaos or both. That's the point. Freedom is empowering but unpredictable. And in the end, freedom wins.

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How did anyone get anything done before the Internet was created? Also, how does anyone get anything done after it was created? People are a clever, adaptive bunch.

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In May 1973, the Internet had 42 computers (squares) and 36 nodes (ovals). Today, it's billions. Imagine what technology today is at the stage where the Internet was in 1973, and where it will be in 50 years. pic.twitter.com/1pHvHLGazG

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over 2 years ago

In the 21st century, digital viruses (cyberattacks) may do more damage to human civilization than biological viruses.

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50% of indexed data on the internet is either porn (10%) or spam (40%). Sex and money. We humans sure are a funny bunch.

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Modern humans developed: - fire 125-300k years ago - language 50-150k years ago - math 10-30k years ago Internet has been around for ~40 years. It's a new thing.

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In social media 2006-2020 we saw first movers on the platforms that won gain audiences and advantages of being first, those who continued to provide value did really well. We are seeing the same in NFT land, a lot of projects are doing very well because of the timing …

My top 20 tweets of 2020 in one thread…⬇️

It's amazing how these psychosocial forces homogenize people’s thinking It's not new 90s - internet bubble 2000s - housing & finance 2010 - gov't bubble All characterized by a lack of critical thinking & assuming that other people had figured things out & deferring to them.

You should start a podcast if: - you want to build a strong network and/or showcase your strong network - you want to build expertise and/or showcase your expertise - you want to promote a specific topic or way of thinking - you’re insatiably curious and love asking Qs twitter.com/eriktorenberg/…

Multiple ways to build a social network: - Come for the tool, stay for the network (e.g. Instagram, Musical.ly) - Come for the network, stay for the tool/data the network creates (e.g. LinkedIn, Product Hunt, Quora, On Deck) Either way, the wedge has to be amazing twitter.com/david__booth/s…

If Stanford helps students become better citizens in society, On Deck aims to help people become better citizens of the internet. What skills would one need in order to be a citizen of the internet? If you were designing the syllabus, what courses would you imagine being taught?

Professionally, where you live physically may no longer be more important than where you live digitally Your twitter threads, group chats, & online communities might influence your career more than your longitude & latitude Which means you can live & work anywhere. Game-changer twitter.com/eriktorenberg/…

What's the closest digital equivalent to being at an event where you can seamlessly navigate between conversations? Of course, you can't use the excuse "I'm going to get a drink" or "I'm going to go to the bathroom". We'll need a digital equivalent for that too.

over 2 years ago

Some people don't get why people listen to Clubhouse conversations with the same people they could listen to on a podcast. It's the social element—your friends are listening at the same time. Clubhouse turned podcast listening from async & single-player to sync & multi-player.

Imagine a platform that enables you to speculate on terms/keywords that will rise on Google Trends in the next 5-10 years. What term(s) would you bet on?

We used to choose our digital neighborhoods (mostly Facebook) based on our IRL friendships Now many choose where to live based on digital (Twitter) friendships Which explains why inhabitants of major cities are trying to FOMO each other into moving on here—it’s all up for grabs

Given Facebook's influence, we may see this policy of satire/comedy moderation applied across the internet in the near future. pic.twitter.com/BgEUgXeZ4C twitter.com/eriktorenberg/…

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The internet partly unbundled professional network from geography, but of course it can’t unbundle intimate community So maybe pick your city based on where the 10 people you want to be in your tribe live If you don’t have those people yet, a denser city will help you find them

In the same way that the internet made rote memorization less important because you can just look information up, maybe future tech will make knowledge/skill acquisition less important because you can just upload the knowledge or put on a headset and now you know the skill.

Request for product: Masterclass for Wikipedia. A site that reliably has the best explanations of concepts by the most appropriate experts, all accessible to the curious beginner.

The internet is setting the stage for lifelong learning. It’s a place where kids can give free rein to their curiosity and natural love of learning. Online, kids have access to the best tools, ideas, and people that can help them thrive in whatever path they choose ✨

Now its YOUR turn to discover your ‘specific knowledge’ and create a life of meaning and joy. 💥 Don’t miss this this workshop with @anafabrega11 and @david_perell 👇🏻 lu.ma/1wy9uuqr

Stop forming strong opinions on things by just reading headlines or unverified/unqualified sources. Don’t be opinionated and lazy.

.@VMware's @PGelsinger has a very simple formula for the U.S. to be restored and for long-term leadership in the future of work and 5G tech. @jonfortt #CNBCatWork pic.twitter.com/zegbpLqnH1

I'm very excited to be announcing an alliance with @Samsung to accelerate telco and 5G deployments. Thank you, @Shekar_Ayyar and team for the great work! twitter.com/vmwarenews/sta…

How can a young person stay on the path of purity? By living according to your word. Psalm 119:9

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