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Now its YOUR turn to discover your ‘specific knowledge’ and create a life of meaning and joy. 💥 Don’t miss this this workshop with @anafabrega11 and @david_perell 👇🏻 lu.ma/1wy9uuqr

I’m thinking of creating a course on Maven to teach the one skill that's helped me the most in my career... ...POWER WRITING - Got me my dream job in tech back in 2012 - Grew my twitter by 100k followers in 4 months - Drove over $5m in sales What is power writing?

over 2 years ago

One of my favorite businesses - Masterclass. Here's me explaining how & why it works in a buck 50 pic.twitter.com/DYCaQqeSpb

Why investing in @ShaanVP's Power Writing course was my best decision of 2021. monishkumar.com/blog/shaans-po…

This is one of my fav pods we've done. We break down how course businesses work and where you can make $1m-$100m. podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/183… twitter.com/TheHustle/stat…