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What are the single biggest issues with DAOs on #Solana right now?

almost 2 years ago

How much of the world population still lacks access to a toilet that safely removes waste from the home? Find the answer here: gatesnot.es/3C6lNgH

Imagine you are reading the best book in the world on how to accomplish more in less time. What concept or strategy absolutely has to be covered in that book?

If you had to pick one, which of these topics do you most want to learn about? How to...

What is one book you've read that is so good it's worth reading again?

Imagine you are reading the best book in the world on how to make good decisions and avoid bad ones. What concept or strategy absolutely has to be covered in that book?

Question: If you use apps for specific habits like... Meditation: Calm, Headspace, Waking Up, etc Fitness: Fitbit, StrongLifts, etc Diet: MyFitnessPal, etc What is the main benefit you receive? What is the one feature that, if they removed it, you would feel disappointed?

What are the most beautiful/walkable/classic neighborhoods in the United States? - West Village in New York - Beacon Hill in Boston - Society Hill in Philadelphia Where else? pic.twitter.com/kpoONQqXBC

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What is the best podcast episode (episode not show) that you have listened to recently?

What is one interesting idea or concept you can summarize in a single tweet? Any topic is fair game.

What is one idea or concept that you don鈥檛 think many people know about, but you find useful or interesting?

What is one topic you would like me to write about?

over 2 years ago

Podcast listeners: Assuming you love the show, what is your ideal frequency for new episodes?

Imagine you are reading the best book in the world on how to how to prioritize your time. What concept or strategy absolutely has to be covered in that book?

Who are some actors or athletes that defy the stereotype of 鈥渏ust a pretty face鈥 or 鈥渄umb jock鈥? Beauty and athleticism are important in those fields, but who has brains and intellectual curiosity to go with it?

What is one book that is incredibly practical and actionable, but is hard to find or no longer in print?

Which website has the best reading experience? (Or, said differently, what is one website you find yourself reading for long periods of time without interruption?)

over 2 years ago

What is one insightful speech, talk, or transcript that you鈥檝e come across?

Let鈥檚 dig through the archives... What is a useful or insightful piece of content on the internet that is at least five years old?

The Paris Review interviews are a fantastic source of insight about writers and their craft. What are other interview series (preferably text or transcripts) that share similar levels of insight for other industries? Any topic is fair game.

over 2 years ago

Question for life partners who are unmarried -- How are you able to ensure you can visit your partner (or vice-versa) in a medical emergency? Has anyone had problems with this? If so, how did you resolve, if you were able to resolve?

tell me a cool fact about your country that will allow me to do ~more informed~ rooting for your athletes

I have zero interest buying a fancy car. You know what I want? A personal in-home chef. I can't think of a better way to spend money than on a chef. how do I get one starting next week?

Dear podcast listeners: @ShaanVP and I are creating a new cover for the pod. Can you take literally 8 seconds to click which one you like best? Please and thank you. 99designs.com/contests/poll/鈥

I wanna test a headset with a mic for the podcast. I want a plug in one. Not Bluetooth. What the headset with THE BEST mic? pic.twitter.com/HjeyndqgYm

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over 2 years ago

We need your help getting guests for our podcast. You help us get guests. We give you a shoutout on the pod. Here's our first list of dream guests: Marc Andreessen @pmarca Richard Branson @richardbranson Brian Chesky @bchesky Patrick Collison @patrickc Mark Cuban @mcuban

Need ideas. Roadtripping from Austin to NYC 30 minutes outside of Nashville. At gas station. Cannot find keys so car won鈥檛 start. Have people looking in my last parking lot stop in Nashville for keys. Mercedes dealership saying it鈥檒l be 5 days to get new key. Ideas?

over 2 years ago

Have toyed around with the idea of buying a pickup and taking 6 months and driving to South America while working remotely. Staying in diff cities and what not. Anyone done this? What was your experience?

over 2 years ago

Need a nice webcam for filming the podcast while traveling. Want something easy, convenient, and high quality. $$$ doesn't matter. What should I buy?