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Michael when he entered the league vs. after bulking up. Imagine being NBA Rookie of the Year, and yet still so raw. He always had the talent, then battling the Pistons pushed him to the next level. pic.twitter.com/4RiihK3Q8N

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An important lesson I learned during my baseball career: I would rather be pitching when we lose than not be on the field. Blame me for the loss. That’s fine. But I want to be in the arena. I’d rather have that responsibility and fail than not be trusted at all.

It's funny the main criticism against LeBron is he needs help. In reality, there is no player less dependent on the system around them. Different coach? Doesn't matter. Different teammates? Doesn't matter. Different conference? Doesn't matter. He makes any combination work.

tell me a cool fact about your country that will allow me to do ~more informed~ rooting for your athletes

Ran into @naomiosaka in Haiti. She volunteers teaching Haitian children how to play tennis via her Play Academy. Let her focus on helping others. Let her world class play speak for itself. No athletes should be required to speak to media. They’re already speaking to the world. twitter.com/naomiosaka/sta…

Amazing example of positive self talk. •She chants "I'm the best" before fight •Her coach/husband asks who's the best, she replies I'm the best as if it's a routine they've created leading up to fight •Rogan asks about it, she replied "I'm the best" pic.twitter.com/TW0JH5VfNf

Justin Gatlin's longevity is absolutely amazing. The guy's nearly 39 years old. - At 22, he was Olympic 100m champion. - At 38 he was the 100m World Champion - At this year's Olympics he has a solid chance to win/medal pic.twitter.com/ePsYnOUVel

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Shaan and I have spent a lot of energy talking about this new NCAA law that lets athletes make $$$. One big thing we discussed: accounting and compliance tools for both athletes and schools. What startups are currently working on this? I'm super into it. pic.twitter.com/dgBWhMbRtc

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Today's @ProfileRead Dossier features @TomBrady, who is considered the greatest quarterback of all time. "You wanna know which ring is my favorite? The next one." Let's take a closer look at Brady's life & career in the NFL 👇👇👇 pic.twitter.com/U9M15NXCqU

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The Barkley Marathons is a 100-mile event that many consider the toughest endurance run on Earth. It's happening right now. Courtney Dauwalter is competing. I recently profiled Courtney in the @ProfileRead Dossier 👇 #BM100 theprofile.substack.com/p/the-profile-…