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Twitter is to time management what cookie crumbs are to dieting Each unit is tiny it seems like a rounding error, but they're so addictive that they can easily add up and defeat your goals

The advice to “focus on the process, not the outcome” is only partially correct. Life is certainly not about any single outcome, but good processes are those that increase your winning percentage. If your outcomes aren’t improving, the process needs to change.

over 2 years ago

Favorite project right now in NFTs My 2? @tsrocketfactory - so well thought out and real world asset from a real player in C art 🖼 world & @worldofwomennft - more expansion of the space, subjectively love the art 🖼 . Your turn … and why

The most interesting moment on the horizon for the NfT market is when the current state of projects crash .. it’s not sustainable the amount of pfp projects coming out, when it all comes down (who knows when) most will do what always happens and overreact and say it was all a ..

Why it's bad to hate builders: B/c you attack the people who are creating the most wealth, not only for themselves, but society. Ppl don't get wealth exploiting. They get wealth b/c others pay them b/c they are getting value in return.

over 2 years ago

Ppl like to put down billionaires & say they are exploiting the poor But if you compare the data there are more billionaires in the U.S. than in Africa & the Middle East put together & yet the standard of living for the poor in the U.S. is higher than that of ppl in Africa + ME

Maybe colleges are "just a nonstop party. To be fair, under this scenario they’re a pretty good deal—on a $ per night of partying basis, they beat Bonnaroo, 1 OAK,& other venues that sell the opportunity to get intoxicated while surrounded by attractive young people”-@ByrneHobart

Social media has put people in a 24/7 global status competition & hamster wheel, & most people can't keep up There are more ways to gain status, recognition& community than ever before— But there are also more ways then ever before to be reminded that someone has what you don't

In a world of empathy-based ethics, the moral sense is ultimately the aesthetic sense. And that means that when the sacred order collapses, morality is simply a matter of taste, not truth. There are no morals anymore, it's all taste/aesthetics/~vibes~. amazon.com/After-Virtue-S…

It’s interesting how, like a company, a person rising fast can be both overrated & underrated: Overrated in that their current skills do not match the level of their current status, underrated in that their growth rate means they will surpass that level sooner than expected.

over 2 years ago

The challenge w/ being so convinced you’re on the right side of history is that you start to believe the ends justify the means, who/whom matters more than principle, the rules don’t apply to you,& that consistent criteria is a distraction from what’s *right*—which your gut knows

ISAs will get millions of people out of debt they can't even discharge in bankruptcy. ISAs will bring more accountability, price-transparency, and incentive alignment into our education system. Kudos to Lambda for paving the way. twitter.com/Austen/status/…

Twitter is a social network where people often post when they're angry, snarky, curious, or self-promoting, among other triggers Imagine a social network where people listened to music that made them feel relaxed or connected—and that was somehow native to the posting experience

Your ability to stomach massive volatility is why you have this arbitrage opportunity in the first place.

over 2 years ago

What's interesting is that, as people rise up, expectations rise,& they have more&more people to prove wrong Which is why sometimes the most successful people still have the most to prove They’re playing whack-a-mole w/ their doubters, the supply of which is increasing steadily twitter.com/eriktorenberg/…

It's a mistake to think that compelling arguments will reliably change people's minds Sometimes, it just causes people to further cement even clearly wrong views Another option is modeling the right ideas & approaches and creating space for others to follow along as they'd like twitter.com/eriktorenberg/…

"Silicon Valley isn't a place, it's a mindset" is true, but it's also the capital, the talent, the network, etc — so anyone trying to democratize SV has to take that into account.

There's a sweet-spot between disagreeable & agreeable—between being independently minded enough to pursue contrarian ideas, but positive-sum enough to collaborate with & not alienate others Highly disagreeable are often cranks; Highly agreeable people rarely go against the grain

over 2 years ago

The paradox of tolerance is that intolerant people can parasitize tolerant spaces by declaring that any pushback to their intolerant ideas is intolerance & thus not allowed. This is why slippery slope concerns are often warranted — esp when there is no clear limiting principle.

over 2 years ago

The All In podcast (@theallinpod) succeeds at being both hilarious & educational. That combination is the new bar. Also, more podcasts should copy the "best friends have frank conversation while also roasting each other" format.

It’s fascinating when a movement is more focused on respectability than winning, even when it leads to them repeatedly losing.

over 2 years ago

The marketplace of ideas isn’t working: - whoever has power censors others - “experts” don’t have skin in the game - the most “fit” or viral ideas win, not the most accurate

The more passionately you feel about an opinion, the more dispassionately you should argue it, because arguments that seem driven more by reason rather than emotion are often more persuasive.

“Investors get into trouble when they only make bets that make them look sophisticated—at the expense of something that looks too obvious or available.” - an unnamed investor who’s largest holding was bitcoin, a couple years ago.

In the same way that the internet made rote memorization less important because you can just look information up, maybe future tech will make knowledge/skill acquisition less important because you can just upload the knowledge or put on a headset and now you know the skill.

Most people build product first and then layer community on top, but it's often more defensible to build strong community first and then add product(s) on top.

What Twitter lacks is the native ability to express mild disapproval: you can actively endorse (like/RT) or you can actively disapprove (reply/QT) but you can’t passively downvote or subtly indicate to someone that they’ve gone too far As a result, extremists are emboldened here

Probably an unpopular opinion but I think in the day and age of social media/personal branding...too often founders focus on being celebrated & not enough time being heads down & scaling some revolutionary shit. We're hopping on panels, doing interviews, etc before real success.