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The All In podcast (@theallinpod) succeeds at being both hilarious & educational. That combination is the new bar. Also, more podcasts should copy the "best friends have frank conversation while also roasting each other" format.

Somehow stumbled across this exchange from a few years ago. What a timely reminder that I want to be as far away from that definition of "success" as I possibly can be! And that I've written on HEY World every weekday since Monday last week. pic.twitter.com/MW2WV1LI15

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"Making something obvious is expensive because it often means you have to make a whole bunch of other things less obvious. Obvious dominates and only one thing can truly dominate at a time." world.hey.com/jason/the-obvi…

over 2 years ago

Almost twenty years ago ⁦@jasonfried⁩ and I launched Singlefile. The big worry? BUT DOES IT SCALE 😂 “We're getting loads of new members already. Let's hope my code doesn't break down too hard.” web.archive.org/web/2008051521…

over 2 years ago