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My interview with @JamesClear waaaay back in the beginning of the podcast is still a listener AND personal favorite. Such a smart, generous guy. twitter.com/boxwala_yunus/…

@JamesClear has had huge impact on me. I’ve lost 70 pounds since reading his book. He is a whole bowl of awesomeness… anchor.fm/rockne-cole/ep…

No one: Absolutely nobody: Not a single soul: Not even your mom: Podcasters: “People often ask me...”

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What is the best podcast episode (episode not show) that you have listened to recently?

PODCAST UPDATE Applications for the podcast writer/producer position are officially closed. We received over 2,000 (!!!) submissions. Thank you to all who applied. I'm honored to have this many people interested in joining our team. I'm working through them as fast as I can.

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When reading books or listening to podcasts or taking advice, remember that everyone is biased to their personal history. The world is complex and there is no single path to a success. Look for patterns that are repeated across many successful people, not single stories.

Podcast listeners: Assuming you love the show, what is your ideal frequency for new episodes?

The new Huberman Lab Podcast episode features Dr. @lexfridman — a scientist working on artificial intelligence, robotics, and machine learning. He is also the host of the Lex Fridman Podcast. We discuss intelligence, robots, brains, love and power. hubermanlab.com/dr-lex-fridman…

2 great podcasts I recommend: Matt Walker (@sleepdiplomat), author of Why We Sleep & a new friend has launched a podcast about sleep. Each episode is short & full of brilliant insights. Plus @hubermanlab just dropped a 3 hour episode with Matt as well. Check them both out!

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Some tech podcasts I love: For the storytelling: Darknet Diaries w/ @JackRhysider For the friendship & insights: All-In w/ @Jason @chamath @DavidSacks @friedberg For the AI wisdom: ML Street Talk w/ @ykilcher @ecsquendor ++ TWIML AI w/ @samcharrington Robot Brains w/ @pabbeel

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I toy a LOT with the idea of becoming a “full time” podcaster. Currently, we do 2-3 episodes a week. Want to hit the 4 episodes a week mark consistently. But India may not be ready for that large an amount of long-form-content. Took 2 years to even get people to warm up to it

"What Is The Best NFT Project Out Right Now? | VeeFriends Community Q&A" -- Listen now on @ApplePodcasts garyvee.com/apple

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"How 'GaryVee' is Heavily Inspired by 'Macho Man Randy Savage' | The Wrestling Classic" -- Listen now on @ApplePodcasts garyvee.com/apple

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You should start a podcast if: - you want to build a strong network and/or showcase your strong network - you want to build expertise and/or showcase your expertise - you want to promote a specific topic or way of thinking - you’re insatiably curious and love asking Qs twitter.com/eriktorenberg/…

Some people don't get why people listen to Clubhouse conversations with the same people they could listen to on a podcast. It's the social element—your friends are listening at the same time. Clubhouse turned podcast listening from async & single-player to sync & multi-player.

The All In podcast (@theallinpod) succeeds at being both hilarious & educational. That combination is the new bar. Also, more podcasts should copy the "best friends have frank conversation while also roasting each other" format.

Here’s my conversation with @david_perell and @chrismanfrank —two of my favorite folks on the internet! We talk about Synthesis, how childhood education is changing, and apparently my love for talking 🤸🏽‍♀️ Thanks for having us, David ✨ podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/nor…

Recently a wonderful 10-year-old interviewed me for his podcast, Kids Learn Careers. Every week, he interviews a different person about their job so other kids know what their options are in today’s world. podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/kid…

Here's a great example that @avantgame shared on @patrick_oshag podcast: How Games Make Life Better. The New York Public Library asked Jane for help with a specific problem: young people did not come to physical libraries anymore. podcasts.apple.com/pa/podcast/inv…

What's the best way to grow as a founder? 🌱 According to @Everette it's about being real. "I think the best way to grow is just being genuine and true to who you are because people are going to see through it." Listen to more advice on his episode: producthunt.com/radio pic.twitter.com/LTr92FFXtr

#HappyJuneteenth ! New Ep. of the podcast today feat. serial entrepreneur & marketing executive @Everette. We’ll be discussing his journey from once being homeless to running 8 figure companies and the launch of his new venture @ArtXOfficial_ . Listen: Linktr.ee/MVPodcast pic.twitter.com/4WO9GXRjyQ

When I asked @Everette what's the one change that people need to make, I really wasn't expecting this response. Much respect to him for talking about an issue that too many people hide. Watch the full episode on YouTube: youtu.be/gvuqBX-9NvE pic.twitter.com/ldEZ5QRjN7

In just 30 minutes, @artsy's @Everette joins #AdweekChat to talk marketing, accessibility in the art field, career goals and more. Join us from 2 - 3 PM ET! Check out "The Underdog Tips for Success" and more on his CMO Moves episode with @NadineDietz: adweek.com/inside-the-bra…

Inspired by @Everette's introspection & perspective! In today's episode of the Building Black Podcast with Hauwa Otori, he talks about his early start in entrepreneurship, reflects on his 10+ years of experience, and plans for his second act in art: apple.co/2YMQUvr pic.twitter.com/SCWV7BjFCt

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Was great chatting with Young Sohn of @Samsung about VMware's strategy coming out of the pandemic + the responsibility that tech companies have to innovate for good. Thanks for having me! youtu.be/xCoiw8IM1ns

I have both learned a lot and monetized a few lessons learned on @patrick_oshag podcasts. I’ve made at least a dozen mandatory for my team. twitter.com/BrianFeroldi/s…

PSA: we're moving TCT exclusives to Thursdays! Today, we sit down with @ShaanVP, host of @myfirstmilpod to discuss how his podcast landed him a $4M rolling fund! thecaptable.sacra.com/p/shaan-puri-m… what's inside 👇👇👇

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