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The center of scientific activity shifted many times over the course of a few centuries. It could shift again pic.twitter.com/pwbWVVPrzY

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“Science was born when, with the progress of technology, the experimental method eventually overcame the social prejudice against manual labor and was adopted by rationally trained scholars” Edgar Zilsel, “The Sociological Roots of Science” (1942) jstor.org/stable/2769053

“Science was born when, with the progress of technology, the experimental method eventually overcame the social prejudice against manual labor and was adopted by rationally trained scholars”

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Standing up for science has never been more important. Congratulations to Dr. Anthony Fauci and Dr. Salim Abdool Karim on receiving this honor. twitter.com/senseaboutsci/…

It’s great to see President Biden elevate science leadership to a cabinet-level position. Congratulations @eric_lander. twitter.com/eric_lander/st…

A sperm cell has 760 megabytes of DNA data. Sex then is a data transfer of 200,000 terabytes. PS: - the data is highly redundant & compressible - most of the data will be discarded - actual data transfer takes up to several days - this is a fun estimate, not a hardware spec

Two orbiting black holes create gravitational waves, which are ripples is spacetime itself. Imagine riding those waves! They are tiny by the time they reach Earth but we can still measure them with the world's most precise ruler (LIGO). Physics & engineering are beautiful. pic.twitter.com/NEQGxGFiIf

In 1905, Einstein published 4 papers, each enough to revolutionize science: 1. Light is a particle (Nobel prize) 2. Brownian motion 3. Special relativity: speed of light is fixed 4. Energy and matter are same: e=mc^2 One person can change the world. This gives me hope.

A strawberry is not a berry. On the other hand, bananas and eggplants are berries. This is not sexual innuendo, just botany. The world does not always have to make sense.

Scientists should not speak out of fear but out of a genuine love of knowledge. This requires an open mind and a good heart.

The new Huberman Lab Podcast episode features Dr. @lexfridman — a scientist working on artificial intelligence, robotics, and machine learning. He is also the host of the Lex Fridman Podcast. We discuss intelligence, robots, brains, love and power. hubermanlab.com/dr-lex-fridman…

Tesla AI Day showed incredible engineering at all levels: AI hardware for inference & training, neural net design innovation, data, tools, auto-labeling & long-term vision for future of robotics. Here's a quick video I made on the key ideas presented: youtube.com/watch?v=ABbDB6… pic.twitter.com/2RhYvgqbdw

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When we look at significant moral, tech, & scientific progress, much of it was seen as causing harm at one point This makes sense—it wouldn’t be "progress” if it were obvious! What are the projects&people that we'll view in the coming decades much more favorably than we do now?

Politicizing science is the same as destroying it.

Evolution works by mutation and selection. Innovation works by trial and error. Science works by conjecture and criticism. Free markets work by entrepreneurship and risk. All truth-seeking systems work roughly the same way.

Scientists who support silencing opposing voices are actually priests.

I haven't gotten to all of these, but the ones I've read or listened to are great--@naval and his guest @ToKTeacher do a great job of breaking down @DavidDeutschOxf book "The Beginning of Infinity." If you don't have time for the book, listen to these: nav.al/infinity

No biggie that modern science just launched a thing into the sky that traveled for 7 months and landed on Mars and is going to test for when it’s safe for us to all move there.

1/n Did you know that mailmen and librarians in US make more money than post-doc scientists in US? Are you shocked to hear science is valued less than delivering mails? Here’s the reason for that.

A short list of ☯️ paradoxes in economics and society. trust me, you'll be fun at parties if you know about them 🎉🎉 (a thread)

1/ A thread with thoughts on measurement. Examples of questions I'll explore: do inherent measures and properties of a system exist? What does this imply about science's pursuit of absolute truth?

1/ Currently reading Feyerabend’s Against Method and it has some really interesting observations on how science is done, and should be done.

1/ Been thinking that there is no such thing as ‘common’ or ‘generally accepted’ knowledge.

Hubble deep field, the most amazing picture of our universe. (a tiny 🧵 thread) pic.twitter.com/KzVM3n6hKH

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How much can science tell us about reality? (a really long 🧵 thread)