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if you are a solo artist 👩‍🎨 AND ... HAVE NEVER been able to sell a single NFT but have it up on a marketplace can you pls share it #1 i want to buy #2 I want others to see this thread and buy and support you

over 2 years ago

You’re the platform … if you can drive the demand

over 2 years ago

You will miss many projects that explode You will flip too early on project that will explode You will ape into something that never takes off You will have a lot of nfts that you’re sitting on when the market softens These will all happen and it’s ok if …

The marketplace of ideas isn’t working: - whoever has power censors others - “experts” don’t have skin in the game - the most “fit” or viral ideas win, not the most accurate

Any metric unchecked by nature or free markets eventually gets gamed.

over 2 years ago

Take feedback from nature and markets, not from people.

over 2 years ago

The only two ways to coordinate human societies at scale are free markets and physical power. Any ideology rejecting free markets is just advocating for power. Socialism, communism, and fascism all converge to the same endpoint - rule by the biggest thug.

Evolution works by mutation and selection. Innovation works by trial and error. Science works by conjecture and criticism. Free markets work by entrepreneurship and risk. All truth-seeking systems work roughly the same way.

@valentinomackie A (free) market is a type of game in which the only coercion allowed is the enforcement of voluntary contracts.

Using creativity to solve problems cannot be taught, and it’s ultimately what free markets pay for.

The market is the real boss. Work directly for it. twitter.com/Wealth_Theory/…

over 2 years ago

Markets aren’t perfectly efficient but they’re more efficient than anything else we can come up with. twitter.com/morganhousel/s…

Two of my marketplace thinkers @skominers & @cliffcmaxwell on disruptive marketplaces hbr.org/2021/05/what-m…

over 2 years ago

New post: Top 5 reasons marketplaces fail 1. Lack of demand-side PMF: Not enough customers badly need what you’re selling (e.g. Zimride, Kitchensurfing, Neighborrow, Sharingear, Design Inc, Mapudo, Wydr) Read on 🧵 lennysnewsletter.com/p/why-marketpl…

Take rates of 40 marketplaces, platforms, and more. Takeaways and surprises in thread 👇 pic.twitter.com/xtdInea3Tk

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over 2 years ago