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Short-term price, high or low, is not a good indicator of how good an idea is. If you believe in a thing, person, or company, invest in them long-term, otherwise it's just wild gambling. Then again, all of life is one big roll of the dice.

over 2 years ago

In the last couple of years, I've truly witnessed 'The Power of Compounding', that we all hear about. Patience and consistency pay off more than you'd imagine (Especially when you're in your early 20s) To every young, ambitious person reading this... Just keep at it, and...

Don’t get caught up in the fomo or the dollars . Get educated on all the aspects of nfts this is a tremendous technology that will hit all parts of our world. Like social media, too many get caught up with the numbers. Please be thoughtful ❤️ and learn and play with $ u can lose

Please … the NfT stuff is very hot .. this is exactly when you can get “caught” be thoughtful, get educated, don’t let fomo hit, don’t listen to what I like or anyone else , spend time educating in discord, twitter, medium, be patient. Most projects will fail … right now it

Please do homework … buy and invest in things with money you can afford to lose … things are fever pitch hot #nft which can lead to some bad decisions . That said it’s an incredible time for innovation and consumers learning new realities which is so cool

99.99% of people you’ve meet in your life don’t own an #NFT .For those who are optimistic and curious about this space … Think about that .its wildly early in this consumer behavior

You can’t be in every project .. nor should you .. patience and personal preference matter .. also pls invest or collect with money you can afford to lose, too many can get caught in a gold rush time like what’s happening now #nft doesn’t mean there isn’t all time opportunities

over 2 years ago

Many of the projects I will buy nfts from will lose $ for me, I am buying to support people, get a sense of the market,research, all to make @veefriends better & better, please don’t buy tokens I buy because u think they will go up in value, I’m not even doing it for that reason

over 2 years ago

98% of the summer of 2021 NFT projects won't be good financial investments in 18 months but for many the learnings will be

over 2 years ago

but it goes both ways in times like this, a NFT u buy for $50K today easily coulkd be $400 in 2 years ...easily pic.twitter.com/w0sE54KV70

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over 2 years ago

most are giddy now .. because its up up up on many #nfts .. please remember this stuff goes both ways, real estate, the stock market, collectibles, and the sheer SUPPLY of new projects and artists are overwhelming .. be thoughtful with money u can afford to lose

i spent 2 months and 100's of hours of reading,watching,listening before i bought my first NFT ..

Sorry, but buying and holding real estate is a financial decision that comes with risk. You don't get outsized returns without accepting outsized risk. twitter.com/BusinessInside…

over 2 years ago

Angel investing is high status b/c it implies wealth, special relationships, & judgement. Plus the status to effort ratio is high. People are willing to lose money for this status. Of course, as more people do it, the less high status it becomes, & people search elsewhere...

There’s an arbitrage opportunity when you can find people/investments who succeed in practice, but not in theory—their success can neither be easily understood nor explained to others, let alone reverse engineered They’re constantly underrated,& even when they succeed—it’s luck

over 2 years ago

Separate from this, any methodology seems so fraught. How do you quantify the impact of, say, Tinder? Wikipedia? WhatsApp? Ultimately any impact score depends on a universally agreed upon value set as well.

over 2 years ago

Thought experiment: If you were CEO of AngelList, what would your strategy be for maximizing equity value of the business over the next decade? For the sake of the thought experiment, you still own the venture business, the talent business, & Product Hunt under the same umbrella

ODF has had 2,000 fellows so far—We're now building services/marketplaces on top of ODF to help founders: - Hiring/cofounder matching - Angel/VC intros - Customer intros - Deck help - Idea maze - GLG We are hiring owners for all the above. Email [email protected] if that's you.

I get asked all the time why did I start to collect art. 1. It’s an investment that not only benefits you but directly supports someone else 2. The importance of ownership of our own culture 3. I was tired of throwing money away on depreciating assets 4. I love art, duh.

Great to see the art industry embracing price transparency. @Artsy is adding >10,000 priced works from top galleries and auction houses to our app ... every month. news.artnet.com/market/price-t…

Honored to make Cultured Magazine’s “Young Collectors 2021” list amongst some incredible art collectors. culturedmag.com/young-collecto… pic.twitter.com/2EJBDsAsm3

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your money sitting in a painting > sitting in a bank

Early stage investment takes leaps of faith that are tethered to the tenacity and genius of talent.

over 2 years ago

I believe @JackAbraham is the new Bezos. Just watch and see. I’ve been investing in him since he was 22 and did Milo. Then he built ebay’s mobile business. Now he’s building the new Amazon through @JoinAtomic. He’s incubating new companies like Bezos incubated AWS.

Squarespace will be a $20B+ company. Amazing to me that it’s valued at $8.71B. $SQSP at $64 a share seems to be a steal. In my opinion and analysis, I’d expect it to at least double to $128/share by end of 2022.

Investing $50m into UberChina was one of my proudest moments in my venture career. To back an early bet in such a way as it expands globally meant a lot. We then doubled down another $50m into Didi after the Didi-UberChina merger. Kudos to @emilmichael & TK. Ambition matters. twitter.com/emilmichael/st…

over 2 years ago

So excited about our investment in Terraformation (@TF_Global). This company could save our planet. 🌳🌳🌳🌎🌍🌏 twitter.com/yishan/status/…