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Don’t spend what you haven’t earned. Avoid financial debt. Don’t spend money you haven’t earned. Avoid social debt. Don’t spend goodwill you haven’t earned. Avoid calendar debt. Don’t spend (free) time you haven’t earned. The disciplined earner can be a guilt-free spender.

Better to live simply and be debt free than to live lavishly and be stressed.

Wealth is the power to choose. Financial wealth is the power to choose how to spend money. Social wealth is the power to choose who to hang out with. Calendar wealth is the power to choose how to spend your time. Mental wealth is the power to choose your thoughts.

Negotiate expenses yearly. Analyze all of your expenses and eliminate anything you no longer need. With your biggest expenses, look up the latest pricing of their competitors and ask them to beat the lowest price. If there is no relevant competitor, ask for 20% off.

In the last couple of years, I've truly witnessed 'The Power of Compounding', that we all hear about. Patience and consistency pay off more than you'd imagine (Especially when you're in your early 20s) To every young, ambitious person reading this... Just keep at it, and...