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The amount of cement China has consumed is a staggering statistic and reminder of how much emissions have grown in low- and middle-income countries. (Minecraft concrete doesn’t count, though server farms are responsible for a lot of emissions.) pic.twitter.com/bFrIIUv97i twitter.com/BillGates/stat…

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Investing $50m into UberChina was one of my proudest moments in my venture career. To back an early bet in such a way as it expands globally meant a lot. We then doubled down another $50m into Didi after the Didi-UberChina merger. Kudos to @emilmichael & TK. Ambition matters. twitter.com/emilmichael/st…

over 2 years ago

That population growth has dried out. It's now the turn of India, China, and Africa pic.twitter.com/SXUD7XWbvb

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China can’t believe its aim.

over 2 years ago

China may be leaving Bitcoin, but China also left the free Internet.