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1/ The Solana Foundation is proud to announce that the @solana blockchain is carbon neutral for 2021! We also pledge to work with the broader community to ensure the network remains carbon neutral through 2022 and beyond solana.com/news/solana-fo…

almost 2 years ago

The natural world *can*—and *must*—be bent to accommodate humanity's needs and desires. It's how we survive and thrive. twitter.com/ayanaeliza/sta…

I look forward to working with President @JoeBiden and Vice President @KamalaHarris to tackle some of our toughest challenges like COVID-19 and climate change. This has been a troubling time in America, but I see promise in the months and years ahead.

When I talk to people about climate change, I almost always get asked the same question: What can I do to help? Here are some actions individuals can take to move us closer to a zero-carbon future: gatesnot.es/2ZwvS4v

There are several ways individuals can help move us closer to a zero-carbon future. Here are a few: gatesnot.es/3kjlQx8 pic.twitter.com/V3TBVjfZlp

We're fortunate to have an Energy Secretary who's focused on creating high-quality jobs to build a clean energy economy. I look forward to working with @SecGranholm on clean tech innovation and deployment. b-gat.es/3dP6VJQ

Moving to a green economy is the biggest challenge the world has ever faced. I’m optimistic we can do it, but need to make sure it benefits everyone—including those workers and communities who depend on the fossil fuels that we need to get rid of. gatesnot.es/2OiCGAq

Congratulations @AndrewSteerWRI on this important role. I’m excited to see what you and the Earth Fund will achieve. Avoiding a climate disaster is going to take all of us, and I’m grateful for @JeffBezos’s leadership and partnership. twitter.com/DrAndrewSteer/…

It’s deeply unfair that the people who contribute the least to climate change will suffer the worst from its effects: gatesnot.es/3bZemwP pic.twitter.com/Y2do5GhsGx

It's encouraging to see innovation and clean energy investments at the forefront of @POTUS's #AmericanJobsPlan. Building markets for new energy technologies is good for jobs today and will build the economies we need while avoiding a climate disaster. b-gat.es/3udH5UR

Cement is responsible for 6% of carbon emissions globally. To get to net-zero by 2050, we need innovations to decarbonize the material. I discuss a few approaches to make low-emission cement in my climate book: gatesnot.es/3uBFwk3

The amount of cement China has consumed is a staggering statistic and reminder of how much emissions have grown in low- and middle-income countries. (Minecraft concrete doesn’t count, though server farms are responsible for a lot of emissions.) pic.twitter.com/bFrIIUv97i twitter.com/BillGates/stat…

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To get to net-zero emissions globally by 2050, leaders from around the world must work together. It’s encouraging to see governments, business leaders, and financial institutions committing to a successful COP26 in Glasgow later this year. b-gat.es/3a10WiC

This is an important step in the U.S. clean energy transition. I’m excited to see @TerraPower working with @PacifiCorp, @GovernorGordon, and @Energy to bring this project to life with the workforce of Wyoming. b-gat.es/3fPm9iM

over 2 years ago

I’m excited about @Breakthrough Energy Catalyst and think it can help make clean-energy innovations more available and affordable for everyone. gatesnot.es/36AEkDw

over 2 years ago

I look forward to working with you and @EU_Commission on all of these important goals. Europe is a critical partner in creating a net-zero future and ensuring a healthy and equitable world for all. twitter.com/vonderleyen/st…

“We are closer than ever to building a world where safe sanitation service is a basic human right enjoyed by everyone, not just those with money and access to water.” – @Doulaye_bmgf gates.ly/3zQXl0X

I’m optimistic about the work that @Breakthrough is doing to invest in companies, support innovators, advocate for better policies, and lower the cost of climate tech. Join us. b-gat.es/3s37dC5

Today’s United Nations climate report is an urgent call to action for the world: we must reach net-zero emissions by 2050 to avoid a climate disaster. b-gat.es/3s4RRNh

Avoiding a climate disaster will require a new, clean industrial revolution, and we don't have time to wait. Our work together will not only send us on a more viable path to net zero, but it will create long-term jobs in communities across the country.

The world needs many breakthroughs to get from 51 billion tons of greenhouse gases to zero in order to avoid a climate disaster. It’s encouraging to see this kind of collaboration. twitter.com/Breakthrough/s…

I’m excited about the launch of @CipherClimate by Breakthrough Energy. The first issue includes an important discussion with U.S. Energy Secretary @SecGranholm and new data showing record amounts of cleantech investment. twitter.com/CipherClimate/…

What are the expectations for @COP26? Will we reach net-zero emissions by 2050? @BillGates discusses his vision for a sustainable future with @TheEconomist’s @zannymb. Register for free to view the full interview: econ.st/3mnHv93 #COP26 #netzero #EconSustainability pic.twitter.com/jRPbMjvUPd

Reaching net zero will take bold action and creativity, and the first cohort of @Breakthrough Energy Fellows makes me optimistic that we can propel a new industrial revolution. b-gat.es/3AJtJTd

By investing in direct air capture, clean hydrogen, long-duration energy storage, and sustainable aviation fuel, we’ll create a new industrial revolution that will power the global clean energy economy: b-gat.es/3vssbvU

Earlier today I attended the #GlobalInvestmentSummit where we announced @Breakthrough Energy Catalyst’s latest partnership to accelerate climate technologies. Thanks to the UK government & @10DowningStreet for taking bold action. b-gat.es/2YZAcfE

Just received my new @EpsonAmerica #EcoTank printer. This printer is next level with features like hands-free, voice-activated printing and you don't have to buy expensive ink cartridges anymore. Visit the link for more details viraln.co/EveretteEpsonT…  #EpsonPartner pic.twitter.com/XZvRUUwgLG

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As our society moves into a "new normal," we have an opportunity to reduce our #CarbonFootprint for the long term. bit.ly/2TsPfc1

over 2 years ago

Another climate record in the arctic circle. We are seeing a very worrisome portrait develop of protective ice receding and heat waves drying out vegetation. #ClimateChange bit.ly/3gIogm0

I'm a firm believer that sustainability and digital transformation go hand in hand. This is an excellent write-up on the overlap between the two. bit.ly/35J1A2k