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NEW: Congressional candidate @shrinakurani is dropping 2,022 NFTs on Solana as part of her campaign to win a seat on the House of Representatives. @nikhileshde reports trib.al/n3uSAYp

Almost every mistaken, harmful theory of society/politics is based in part on a true identification of a real problem. It's a mistake to dismiss the symptoms because of a wrong diagnosis/prescription. It's a bigger mistake to accept the diagnosis because of the real symptoms.

I look forward to working with President @JoeBiden and Vice President @KamalaHarris to tackle some of our toughest challenges like COVID-19 and climate change. This has been a troubling time in America, but I see promise in the months and years ahead.

Collection of scattered quotes & ideas from Thomas Sowell. "If the government took over the Sahara Desert, there would be a shortage of sand."

Post-modernists are the new sophists. The Sophists taught rhetoric not as a means of advancing truth and knowledge but as a means of winning debates in the rough-and-tumble world of day-to-day politics.

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The Nazis stood for collectivism. The opposite of that is a philosophy of individualism that recognizes individual rights. The Nazis stood for instinct as one’s basic guides in life. The opposite of that is a philosophy that has a healthy confidence in the power of reason.

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You can tell that something is LARPing by the low body count. Real communists & fascists kill millions of people. Much of the war takes place on Twitter. Twitter makes you think it's the French Revolution. Even the worst of cancel culture is a cake walk in comparison.

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Maybe virtualism is just the end-result of liberalism. Makes sense that in a true marketplace of ideas, you'd end up with a long-tail of realities. Liberalism & capitalism created an opening, & social media fanned the flame, effectively creating a stock market of realities.

In a post-modern world, what's the answer? Liberalism. Tolerance. Due process. Reason. Free speech. twitter.com/eriktorenberg/… These are more scattered thoughts than a deep dive, would welcome any follow up analyses or your own takeaways from Girard.

The Hegelian desire for recognition leads to identitarianism. "I must not tailor my psychological needs to the nature of society, for that would create anxiety and make me inauthentic." Gov't now played a role in serving needs for recognition. amazon.com/Identity-Deman…

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Virtually everyone who was elite and cool in the 1930s in the West was a communist. It's interesting tracking what it took to shock Western intellectuals out of communism: Spanish Civil War, Stalin/Hitler pact, and 1989 amazon.com/GOD-THAT-FAILE…

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Burnham in 1963 predicted that liberalism could not defend it self from far leftism, since that was its logical endpoint Once you concede care/fairness as most important, you're never going far enough. You’re a Trotskyite in 1932, utterly vilified. amazon.com/Suicide-West-M…

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Rauche tries to defend liberalism in his book, "Kindly Inquisitors" by saying that liberalism is all about conflict resolution Markets determine who has economic resources, democracy determines who has political power, and science determines who has truth twitter.com/eriktorenberg/…

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Breakdown of US Presidential candidates position on the future of the internet; internet2016.net/voter-guide/

Protocol politics is devolving into actual politics - full of posturing, opportunism, credentialism and actual popularity polls. Not long before funds have campaign strategists.

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Politicizing science is the same as destroying it.

The West is going to be a very different place after the mass and wanton destruction of the middle class and small business.

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One flaw with democracy is that politicians can create their own voter base - by importing them, bribing them, or driving them into ruin.

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Localism is the least homogenous form of governance. That’s why it’s the most scalable. twitter.com/naval/status/1…

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Political correctness makes speech itself political, and so everything becomes political.

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Either we agree on how to measure it, or it becomes politics.

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Put politicians and journalists on unemployment and the lockdowns will be over within a week.

"It's harder to be that smart in the liberal arts, partly because many liberal arts professors are so leftist. It's hard to be pretty smart if you're a crazy leftist. You're going to have the world a lot wrong." - Charlie Munger youtu.be/VgRdlV4LUIA

Bitcoin is insurance against politicians.

Opposition to monopoly power is a bipartisan project. Just like legislative capture. If the former does not prevail today, it eventually will. I refuse to believe the long arc of US democracy bends towards corruption. Too depressive. twitter.com/matthewstoller…

Tim Cook is too busy to appear before the United States Senate to answer for Apple’s App Store abuses. Funny how he always seemed to have time to appear as Trump’s little helper at any photo op! Democracy, schmocrazy! twitter.com/b_fung/status/…

"If you lie to people, even for a very good cause, you lose their trust." Excellent Bill Maher segment focusing on the shocking levels of misconceptions about Covid amongst Democrats. youtube.com/watch?v=Qp3gy_… pic.twitter.com/CVyEMsZqON

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“That means that sellers of firms to private equity in particular are going to want higher prices to make up for the difference, and mergers will slow. This would a very good thing.” mattstoller.substack.com/p/one-benefit-…

"If you get used to a situation where not only is persuasion kind of futile but deliberation and argumentation itself essentially it becomes futile, then you sort of get the idea that every political argument is a battle in a total war." nytimes.com/2021/04/27/opi…