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TOP #SOLANA PROJECTS MENTIONED THE MOST ON SOCIAL MEDIA   Social media has always been one of our metrics to spot out which projects are being attracted to the public the most. Check out the top projects on Solana being most-mentioned on social media.    #Solana #social $SOL pic.twitter.com/KEdmqBagTG

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Social media has always been one of our metrics to spot out which projects are being attracted to the public the most. Check out the top projects on Solana being most-mentioned on social media.

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almost 2 years ago

Twitter is to time management what cookie crumbs are to dieting Each unit is tiny it seems like a rounding error, but they're so addictive that they can easily add up and defeat your goals

You can practice social distancing on social media too. Stay away from people who are infected with negativity, a lack of generosity, an unwillingness to seek truth, etc.

I get so much value out of Twitter. I just want to thank you all for following along, sharing your ideas, answering my questions, pointing out gaps in my thinking, and much more. I’m grateful to share this platform with you and I’m excited to continue trading interesting ideas.

Twitter becomes more useful if, after every tweet, you ask yourself, "When is this true?" The character limit removes nuance and makes people sound more confident than usual. Even the best ideas have limitations. Finding the window of truth for an idea makes it more useful.

over 2 years ago

How to grow on Twitter: 1. Write about what fascinates you. 2. Post at least 1 tweet per day. 3. If it doesn’t provide insane value, don't post it. 4. Always post your best idea right now. Don’t save it for later. 5. Take 10+ min to edit each tweet and find the perfect word.

Time spent seeking permission from gatekeepers is better spent building your own audience. Think: Trying to get verified on Twitter vs. writing great tweets. Begging agents/publishers for a book deal vs. building an email list. The audience unlocks the gate.

It’s kind of wild how much of my “job” involves tweeting.

over 2 years ago

The stronger the relationship, the less it is required to flaunt it on social media.

Many startups were a fad … just like many current pfp NfT projects will be … but the overall movement of social media wasn’t a fad, it was going to change how humans communicated. Same will happen with #nfts it will change how we own things pic.twitter.com/cZ15m1DSlH

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"Please Don't Let an Opportunity on Social Media Slip Away" -- Listen now on @ApplePodcasts garyvee.com/apple

over 2 years ago

In social media 2006-2020 we saw first movers on the platforms that won gain audiences and advantages of being first, those who continued to provide value did really well. We are seeing the same in NFT land, a lot of projects are doing very well because of the timing …

Multiple ways to build a social network: - Come for the tool, stay for the network (e.g. Instagram, Musical.ly) - Come for the network, stay for the tool/data the network creates (e.g. LinkedIn, Product Hunt, Quora, On Deck) Either way, the wedge has to be amazing twitter.com/david__booth/s…

Maybe virtualism is just the end-result of liberalism. Makes sense that in a true marketplace of ideas, you'd end up with a long-tail of realities. Liberalism & capitalism created an opening, & social media fanned the flame, effectively creating a stock market of realities.

Social media has put people in a 24/7 global status competition & hamster wheel, & most people can't keep up There are more ways to gain status, recognition& community than ever before— But there are also more ways then ever before to be reminded that someone has what you don't

It makes sense that the rise of social media coincided with the popularity of vulnerability & showcasing struggles. In an increasingly mimetic world where we're forced to see other's highlight reels, seeing other's lowlight reels makes us feel better, so we're grateful for it.

over 2 years ago

Some people don't get why people listen to Clubhouse conversations with the same people they could listen to on a podcast. It's the social element—your friends are listening at the same time. Clubhouse turned podcast listening from async & single-player to sync & multi-player.

FB and Linkedin are directories for people you already know Twitter is a directory of people who are interested in knowing you The people who want to work with you, invest in you, befriend you, etc—they follow you on Twitter If only we could better harness the Twitter graph... twitter.com/eriktorenberg/…

Twitter is a social network where people often post when they're angry, snarky, curious, or self-promoting, among other triggers Imagine a social network where people listened to music that made them feel relaxed or connected—and that was somehow native to the posting experience

We used to choose our digital neighborhoods (mostly Facebook) based on our IRL friendships Now many choose where to live based on digital (Twitter) friendships Which explains why inhabitants of major cities are trying to FOMO each other into moving on here—it’s all up for grabs

Imagine Twitter but instead of tweets it was screenshots of text message exchanges. I wouldn't be surprised if that got big — people are so hungry for intimacy that they'll inhale even second-hand banter if it's good enough, and text exchanges share a lot about a person.

Given Facebook's influence, we may see this policy of satire/comedy moderation applied across the internet in the near future. pic.twitter.com/BgEUgXeZ4C twitter.com/eriktorenberg/…

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What Twitter lacks is the native ability to express mild disapproval: you can actively endorse (like/RT) or you can actively disapprove (reply/QT) but you can’t passively downvote or subtly indicate to someone that they’ve gone too far As a result, extremists are emboldened here

Here's a meta thread of some of my favorite twitter threads, updated edition 👇

It’s a new era with social media and the internet, we now have direct access to see who artists truly are. Our parents could just enjoy the art and live in ignorant bliss with their favorite artists.

over 2 years ago

Probably an unpopular opinion but I think in the day and age of social media/personal branding...too often founders focus on being celebrated & not enough time being heads down & scaling some revolutionary shit. We're hopping on panels, doing interviews, etc before real success.

Clubhouse is quickly becoming the best social media platform to engage with the art community

over 2 years ago

This is the WILD story of a Instagram food accounts that are making 10M+ a year SELLING COOKIES if you haven't heard about this... let's dive in. pic.twitter.com/Wio9F9lgix

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The live concept of Clubhouse makes curating targeted content "200 times harder than every other social network," says angel investor and Twitch director @shaanvp. He joined us to discuss his outlook for the billion dollar start-up. @CNBC @jonfortt @lesliepicker pic.twitter.com/cHHBLYX7MP

over 2 years ago