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Twitter is to time management what cookie crumbs are to dieting Each unit is tiny it seems like a rounding error, but they're so addictive that they can easily add up and defeat your goals

You can practice social distancing on social media too. Stay away from people who are infected with negativity, a lack of generosity, an unwillingness to seek truth, etc.

When you choose who to follow on Twitter, you are choosing your future thoughts.

over 2 years ago

This is among the most important questions you can ask. Nearly all your thoughts are downstream from what you consume. Everything from your insights at work to your conversations at home to your beliefs about health, wealth, and happiness is influenced by your “content diet.” twitter.com/polina_marinov…

Fasting is easier than dieting. I think people begin to do technology fasts. Like intermittent fasting. They'll create an 12 hour "online" period, followed by a 12 hour "offline" period (8hrs sleep, 2 eating, 1 exercising, 1 hour offline hobby) Airplane mode, at home.

over 2 years ago