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Twitter is to time management what cookie crumbs are to dieting Each unit is tiny it seems like a rounding error, but they're so addictive that they can easily add up and defeat your goals

Gmail's "undo send" is such an incredible feature. I wish we had it for tweets too.

What is one interesting idea or concept you can summarize in a single tweet? Any topic is fair game.

I get so much value out of Twitter. I just want to thank you all for following along, sharing your ideas, answering my questions, pointing out gaps in my thinking, and much more. I’m grateful to share this platform with you and I’m excited to continue trading interesting ideas.

Twitter becomes more useful if, after every tweet, you ask yourself, "When is this true?" The character limit removes nuance and makes people sound more confident than usual. Even the best ideas have limitations. Finding the window of truth for an idea makes it more useful.

over 2 years ago

How to grow on Twitter: 1. Write about what fascinates you. 2. Post at least 1 tweet per day. 3. If it doesn’t provide insane value, don't post it. 4. Always post your best idea right now. Don’t save it for later. 5. Take 10+ min to edit each tweet and find the perfect word.

Time spent seeking permission from gatekeepers is better spent building your own audience. Think: Trying to get verified on Twitter vs. writing great tweets. Begging agents/publishers for a book deal vs. building an email list. The audience unlocks the gate.

It’s kind of wild how much of my “job” involves tweeting.

over 2 years ago

My top 20 tweets of 2020 in one thread…⬇️

FB and Linkedin are directories for people you already know Twitter is a directory of people who are interested in knowing you The people who want to work with you, invest in you, befriend you, etc—they follow you on Twitter If only we could better harness the Twitter graph... twitter.com/eriktorenberg/…

Twitter is a social network where people often post when they're angry, snarky, curious, or self-promoting, among other triggers Imagine a social network where people listened to music that made them feel relaxed or connected—and that was somehow native to the posting experience

What Twitter lacks is the native ability to express mild disapproval: you can actively endorse (like/RT) or you can actively disapprove (reply/QT) but you can’t passively downvote or subtly indicate to someone that they’ve gone too far As a result, extremists are emboldened here

Here's a meta thread of some of my favorite twitter threads, updated edition 👇

16 years ago - social networking was pretty much just a college kid's side project at Harvard Now "social" is worth $1 Trillion+ in value Facebook: $700B Snapchat: $95B Twitter: $40B Pinterest: $50B Linkedin: $26B + telegram, reddit, etc. Things go slowly.. then suddenly.

HIRING - a meme god. +get paid $500/month (in bitcoin) +get paid to make memes +memes must be business/startup focused +no vacation, no sick days, you're making memes ffs looking for wit. apply by DM'ing meme 3 memes. Will attach examples of "good work" below:

when people ask me how I have time to create content on top of having a job, kids etc.. All I can say is.. I tweet when I poop.

[THREAD OF THREADS] I've been bingeing all of @ShaanVP threads recently. So I've compiled them here. He has been crushing it on Twitter this year. So if you want to learn how to write a killer thread or have cool business stuff simplified for you, here's your chance.

over 2 years ago

a few of the simple twitter hacks @danheld used to grow his following - (some people will hate these tactics!) pic.twitter.com/sYxcijAnBj

"Few understand this" is a stupid Twitter phrase that should be avoided. Few understand this.

In a turn of events, most Twitter threads now annoy me.

over 2 years ago

We all know this. But rarely follow through. But consistency is king! pic.twitter.com/Jrog29Pver

over 2 years ago

Looking across Twitter, it’s obvious that most people enjoy outrage, conflict, and drama.

over 2 years ago

How to tweet: 1. Write the essay. 2. Write the tweet summarizing the essay. 3. Delete the essay.

over 2 years ago

If Twitter did ever end up representing the real world, the world would end.

over 2 years ago

Hating people on Twitter is the mark of mediocrity.