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Gmail's "undo send" is such an incredible feature. I wish we had it for tweets too.

if I could answer emails with my mind, I would be like 300% more productive

"I do enjoy in person meetings more than email. Texts are way better. In person much better. Even zoom. Anything is better than email." - @elonmusk

over 2 years ago

This is a big deal, if done right Today slack killed 70% of internal company emails. If this works, they’ll kill 70% of all real business email twitter.com/pierce/status/…

over 2 years ago

Our kids will view email the way we view the postal service.

over 2 years ago

Brilliant. A coordinated campaign to get the UK's ICO to enforce the rules against spy pixels in emails. If you live in the UK, please consider participating. You can literally help change the internet. If the ICO issues a ruling, the dominos will fall. notospypixels.com

Remember the Web 1.0 vibe? It's out! It's called HEY World. The simplest possible way for @jasonfried and I to start writing emails to the world. Incredibly slim pages, zero trackers, zero JavaScript, minimal CSS. Like the olden days. I'll be writing here: world.hey.com/dhh

77% of @heyhey customers use our iOS app. If Apple had been successful with their threat to kick us out of the App Store last summer, we would have been dead. Also, love the "scrutiny is reasonable BUT THERE'S NOTHING TO SEE" doublespeak. twitter.com/munster_gene/s…

I mean, look at this. As we found, TWO THIRDS of all emails in HEY (not counting spam) included spy pixels. This has gotta stop (but until it does, please do protect yourself). twitter.com/dvassallo/stat…

Imagine being able to actually compete against Gmail and iCloud mail without fighting with one hand tied behind our back! Customers could signup directly in the apps. No more confusing second, dead-end pathway to shuttle app users down to comply with Apple's gag order 😍

We built HEY World in large part because we couldn't find any newsletter software that wasn't drenched in analytics harvested from spy pixels. It's a complete ethical black hole. And while some are now starting to offer opt-out, the only suitable conclusion is NOT AT ALL. twitter.com/hunterwalk/sta…

The quality of the conversations I've been having with people over email, after sparking topics via HEY World, are just in another league from most internet forum interactions (including this wretched site). Debating without a stage feels wonderful.

I really enjoyed speaking with Nora about the past, present, and future of email. We get into all the reasons people think they hate email (and why the blame is usually misdirected), and the benefits of long-form writing and thinking. It’s a real 💌 to email 😍✨ twitter.com/sparkcbc/statu…

over 2 years ago