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A few days ago, Hubble Protocol integrated Soteria, a @solana smart contract audit tool. Thanks, @aeyakovenko for the heads up! pic.twitter.com/ykTQWG9HvG

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Gmail's "undo send" is such an incredible feature. I wish we had it for tweets too.

Question: If you use apps for specific habits like... Meditation: Calm, Headspace, Waking Up, etc Fitness: Fitbit, StrongLifts, etc Diet: MyFitnessPal, etc What is the main benefit you receive? What is the one feature that, if they removed it, you would feel disappointed?

teach them to fish .. i get 100's of these a week ... i am happy because everyone i care about should get knowledgeable about Web3, like i was happy when all my friends gave up their blackberries for a IPHONE ...even though 3 years earlier they said "never" pic.twitter.com/gmBOs4rq8Y

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Being an entrepreneur is hard. Being a serial entrepreneur juggling multiple companies and projects is even harder. Luckily, there's @AdobeDocCloud. Read my blog post about how they empower serial entrepreneurs: adobe.ly/2CQGh01 #AdobePartner pic.twitter.com/Yf8I1tn1gZ

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Giving back is the thing I'm most passionate about as an entrepreneur. @AdobeDocCloud has helped streamline my philanthropic work. See how you can use their products to empower your philanthropic cause in my latest blog post: adobe.ly/2GueZ0j #AdobePartner pic.twitter.com/a1l82klpYM

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While philanthropic giving can be a job for one, you need team players to build a charitable organization. Entrepreneur @Everette counts on @Acrobat DC as a team player in these 4 ways. adobe.ly/2GHT5H6

Proud to announce my official partnership with @Intel. I’ll be helping my fellow mobile go-getters learn how to utilize technology like the all new #DellXPS13 2-in-1 laptop to chase their dreams and make life easier. We are #MoreThan just entrepreneurs. Let’s win together. #ad pic.twitter.com/sB9PdXN42d

When Uber drivers are like “I’m here” but they are way down the street from the actual location you gave them but... get an attitude with you for not being where they are. Always a terrible user experience.

Need a work from home tip? Use @webex. You can easily send personal meeting room links, share your screen for presentations, create fun custom backgrounds, and they even have an AI assistant feature to take meeting notes. Sign up here: bit.ly/3lcFjyZ #lifeonwebex #ad pic.twitter.com/GFBcjlTyxw

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Are you an entrepreneur always on the go? My tip: Use @webex! With Webex’s mobile app, I can take meetings anywhere & my Cisco headset 730 has 22 hours of talk time & active noise cancellation. Sign up here: bit.ly/3lcFjyZ #lifeonwebex #ad pic.twitter.com/0M76ct8sSp

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We are committed to a culture of accessibility, supporting employees with all abilities. That’s why I’m proud to introduce the first-ever Intel name sign. #IAmIntel #InclusionAtIntel #GAAD pic.twitter.com/0xtmrbwlkd

Together with HPE, we innovate from edge to cloud on technology solutions that drive the next wave of digital transformation. Congrats to @AntonioNeri_HPE and all involved for launching silicon on demand. twitter.com/AntonioNeri_HP…

over 2 years ago

Today, we celebrate a major milestone with our partners at @Microsoft – the launch of Windows 11. Together, we’re ushering in a new, advanced computing experience enabling people to focus, create and connect in ways that matter most to them. twitter.com/intelnews/stat…

The security of our products is one of our most important priorities. We strive to design, manufacture and sell the world’s most secure technology products, and we are continuously innovating and enhancing security capabilities for our products. intel.ly/3kOFeUW

over 2 years ago

We’re about to share one of the most detailed roadmaps we have ever provided spanning process and packaging technologies in our Intel Accelerated event. Tune in here! intel.com/content/www/us…

over 2 years ago

Just introduced a refreshed lexicon for our process nodes. #MooresLaw is alive and well! pic.twitter.com/FxNEFS2drw

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over 2 years ago

For all my supposed technical chops, I’m not afraid to admit I was today years old when I realized I don’t have to point the Apple remote at the Apple TV device 🤦🏻‍♂️

One of my favorite businesses - Masterclass. Here's me explaining how & why it works in a buck 50 pic.twitter.com/DYCaQqeSpb

@trello everyone saying clickup has no taste. way too complicated

over 2 years ago

I love when @thesamparr finds obscure niche things. He shouted out this tiny podcast, and I think it got like 10k new subscribers that day ! pic.twitter.com/8AfYShLUyn

if you wanna bootstrap - I like niche tools like these.. I bet there's a lot of opportunity on other marketplaces like Poshmark, Etsy etc.. pic.twitter.com/Gk8uIM6CcZ

wrote this "Fantasy PM" post about Slack about 6 years ago. I just wanted @stewart to notice me Almost all of these features are now a part of slack. I'm not saying I am a product genius, or deserve credit for any of these. But I am and I do. twitter.com/Joylita/status…

over 2 years ago

So, if you ever have to decide between the fancy shit or the basic shit, make sure to put most of the emphasis on the basic shit. Not whether they give out free headphones. pic.twitter.com/YZ2VZLiSeK

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Need a nice webcam for filming the podcast while traveling. Want something easy, convenient, and high quality. $$$ doesn't matter. What should I buy?

Soon you’ll log in to web sites using Face ID on Safari, with your Apple ID, and check out with Apple Pay. Via “embrace and extend”, Apple and Google will become gatekeepers for much of the formerly open web.

over 2 years ago

Stop what you’re doing and upgrade your phone, tablet, and computer if you’re in Apple-land. Catastrophic Safari bug that could lead to remote code execution on simply visiting a bad website. #MonoculturesAreBad #WhyCantWeHaveFirefoxOnIos threatpost.com/apple-webkit-r…

“As Cue's comments show, Apple was capable of developing an Android version of iMessage as early as 2013, but chose not to, since it would remove one obstacle that prevents families from giving their children Android phones.” 😦 macrumors.com/2021/04/09/epi…

I hope the reports that Apple will discontinue the mini are true. I needed a proper restraint to keep me from buying a new phone every year. Now I can hold onto this 12 mini until it gives up its last watt.

"Can you imagine trying to submit an app for a new system called the web today? If the web hadn't existed prior to the iPhone, there's no way in hell Apple would ever have approved a browser with unfettered, unfiltered access today. No way." world.hey.com/dhh/who-owns-y…