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"Since COVID, I've kept up with 3x the people in 1/3 of the time" - paraphrasing Marc Andreessen. Feels like business relationships evolved from predominantly IRL coffee meetings & conferences to predominantly texts/group chats/Clubhouse/cohort-based fellowships.

Need a work from home tip? Use @webex. You can easily send personal meeting room links, share your screen for presentations, create fun custom backgrounds, and they even have an AI assistant feature to take meeting notes. Sign up here: bit.ly/3lcFjyZ #lifeonwebex #ad pic.twitter.com/GFBcjlTyxw

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Interesting perspective on the future of work: not only will #RemoteWork take a more prominent role, but the skills required will shift as well, further favoring those who are able to generate results. bit.ly/2LGM5gL

For me, the most important element to this debate is flexibility for employees. We're seeing that employees like the freedom of choice that comes with remote work, which can include collaborating in an office environment at least some of the time. bit.ly/3hQllrZ

In this world of remote work, I wanted to share a tip I've learned from this year. What tips and tricks have others been using to navigate the distributed work environment? pic.twitter.com/fzbPFkfeV7

Throughout my career (and still to this day!) I've relied on mentors to help guide me through tough times. As our industry shifts to remote, we'll need to work harder to ensure that younger employees have the support they need to learn and grow. bit.ly/3nVN9PF

As our customers work to accommodate a distributed workforce, Networking has become increasingly critical. With that being said, I'm looking forward to speaking at our Modern Networking Event next week. I encourage you to register if you have not already! bit.ly/3pstEPd

Giving feedback digitally can oftentimes come across as impersonal and irrationally harsh. As someone who is very direct this is something I've had to think about even more in 2020. How are others learning to provide feedback in a remote-first environment? bit.ly/3mHLMmw

We’re about to find out 99% of all meetings could have been zooms and slacks.

The Remote Revolution. A legion of remote only employees are choosing work life balance. Many unicorns will rise servicing this market. twitter.com/hnshah/status/…

ps if you're not using deel for hiring remote workers - you're almost certainly breaking labor laws (whether you realize it or not) Use @deel It's easier. safer. and cheaper than trying to do it yourself. twitter.com/ShaanVP/status…

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MFM just crossed 600k monthly downloads with a day left in the month. Next stop: 1m in Sept. Then…5m.

Blue states and cities are about to get hit twice - massive budget deficits just as remote work makes the tax base more mobile than ever.

The biggest advantage of working remotely is that you no longer have to pretend to work 60 hours a week.

Working with who you want to work with, on what you want to work on, is actually just play.

Bitcoin is an exit from the Fed. DeFi is an exit from Wall Street. Social media is an exit from mass media. Homeschooling is an exit from industrial education. Remote work is an exit from 9-5. Creator economy is an exit from employment. Individuals are leaving institutions.

Programmers are obsessed with tying things together. Here's an account of why we don't do that at or in Basecamp. Not every todo needs a corresponding commit. youtube.com/watch?v=CFzvA1…

1/ Have had a lot of discussions with CEOs about their post-covid offices. Based on a poll of @BankMercury employees: - 35% want to be remote - 44% want to be hybrid We have decided to support remote+hybrid and are getting office space in SF, Portland, Toronto, and New York pic.twitter.com/SwNsoxvBtK

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We are hiring an US-educated engineer who didn’t get an H1b and instead is going to work for us in Canada. He is now going to build a life and pay taxes in Canada. In the remote world talent can be anywhere. Our bad immigration policy is directly leading to lower US GDP!

We hired someone great recently and one of the primary reasons he left his company was that they were returning to the office in a few months and he had moved. Feels like remote friendly companies will win a lot of talent in the coming months.

I’m confident that quantum mechanics is far easier to understand than trying to figure out how teams will manage their schedules in a hybrid workplace.

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Working fully in-office is well understood. Working fully remotely is well understood. We will need a new set of workplace norms, tools, and processes for the hybrid, flexible workplace. This is a massive opportunity for enterprise software innovation to stitch this all together.

Working from home doesn't need to be solitary, in fact you can create a really rich social environment of people and activities you choose, versus those chosen by your employer. cc: @kevinroose twitter.com/photomatt/stat…

This is the book about the early days of @automattic, in case it's helpful for anyone working distributed or remote. twitter.com/beaulebens/sta…

Read this thread. Many companies are pleasantly surprised by how well things are going right now, it may be much worse when they start bringing people back to the office. "Hybrid" is tough. twitter.com/sytses/status/…

New post up on about second-order effects of remote work reshaping society, and voting, but tl; dr is just follow and read everything @dkthomp writes. 😄 ma.tt/2020/08/second…

It's hard to overstate how important this is to other corporations and the other big tech companies. Others that don't do this will lose talent to Microsoft (and smaller distributed companies). twitter.com/tomwarren/stat…