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The 3 Levels of Employees: Level 1 — You do what you are asked to do. Level 2 — Level 1 + You think ahead and solve problems before they happen. Level 3 — Level 2 + You proactively look for areas of opportunity and growth in the business, and figure out how to tap into them.

The best properties are rarely for sale. The best employees are rarely job hunting. The best teachers are rarely teaching. Anything truly great is off the market. Most people think this means you can’t have it. What it really means is you have to go find it and sell yourself.

Many startups were a fad … just like many current pfp NfT projects will be … but the overall movement of social media wasn’t a fad, it was going to change how humans communicated. Same will happen with #nfts it will change how we own things pic.twitter.com/cZ15m1DSlH

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Personal trainer, but for intellectual growth: You identify what you want to learn and the trainer tells you what to read, who to follow, & assembles domain specific tutors & peers. We have intellectual equivalent of classes/bootcamps, but not trainers who take a holistic view.

I want Wait But Why level explanations of how the world works but for everything. It could be a replica of Wikipedia product-wise, but with way better analysis.

Just goes to show, don't just tweet about it, be about it (i.e. build it ;) twitter.com/eriktorenberg/…

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Imagine a platform that enables you to speculate on terms/keywords that will rise on Google Trends in the next 5-10 years. What term(s) would you bet on?

Imagine Twitter but instead of tweets it was screenshots of text message exchanges. I wouldn't be surprised if that got big — people are so hungry for intimacy that they'll inhale even second-hand banter if it's good enough, and text exchanges share a lot about a person.

Request for product: Masterclass for Wikipedia. A site that reliably has the best explanations of concepts by the most appropriate experts, all accessible to the curious beginner.

Startup equity should have been democratized a long time ago. All the walls to access need to come down. twitter.com/rsg/status/135…

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This weekend, I spoke to 5 future billionaires who had no idea they would one day be billionaires, this what I learned....

Call for Start-Up: AI-Assisted Nutritionist that takes over all your Uber-Eats, Postmates, DoorDash etc orders. For restaurant dining, you scan the QR code and it reformulates the menu on the spot to show only healthy choices/sensitivities/allergies etc...

Start Up Influencers Vs Start Up Builders. Reminds me of my fathers line: Be Influential not an Influencer. twitter.com/zachtratar/sta…

my best startup idea this week. A chrome extension that pays you for... pic.twitter.com/hFe1x6eb9a

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10 years ago, Netflix spent $0 on original content. This year: Netflix: $11B Apple: $6B Disney: $1B + amazon, hulu HBO etc. = $20B+ Here's a crazy startup idea to take a swing at this $20B+ content piñata. 👇 Here's a quick business plan 🤔

Idea: A FB ad dashboard that doesn't suck Facebook has 10 million advertisers. But the dashboard sucks. It's all numbers...but the ads are VISUAL. We need a way to visually see which ads are winners & losers. Here's the solution 👇

Chrome extension that gives you a Pinterest style grid of your ads. • visual grid • with performance data overlayed * shareable between you and your marketing team Make it really easy for advertisers to visually see which ads are winners/losers.

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Dear Whoever Needs To Hear This (I did, 3 years ago) If your startup feels like you're pushing a boulder up a hill. And you try this. try that. It just stays uphill. You don't want to quit.. But time is ticking.. Ask yourself this question

This is cool. A retired cop in NYC has made ~$1M+ giving "Gangster Tours" of new york. He takes you through the mafia territories, tells stories, and you eat local foods. Awesome retirement career. Maybe applicable to others too? (Eg. firefighters, cab drivers etc.) pic.twitter.com/D6kHqt7i2z

Secret Leading indicators a startup is about to fail - CFO leaves - CEO starts angel investing - Office snack game goes to shit

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You have --> $18 <-- Build Your Startup. Gimme $4 @JeffBezos $1 @ShaanVP $2 @foundersfund $3 @APompliano $4 #Bitcion $4 for @oatly = $18 Name a better team, I'll wait. pic.twitter.com/abIxQ4p9sC

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If there’s a talented engineer or designer that wants to do this, I’ll give you money and share my 1 page plan on how to attack this

over 2 years ago

Tinder, but for friends, for my mom

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Here's a framework for great startup ideas - Watch when a giant company spends millions building something custom for themselves - Build the same thing, and offer it to all the indie small shops competing w/ the giant Dominoes App --> Slice ($1B+) Starbucks App --> Joe Coffee pic.twitter.com/udd5Vw1L8S

Did you know - there's a company behind the "Pantone" color system. And it makes $100m+ a year off this tiny little color book. I break it down in 1 min 43s below pic.twitter.com/CaM8xXwqFs

I think hiring a CEO or someone like that to operate a company you start is a great idea in some cases. Sounds great. You get the money and none of the work! But in most cases I’ve seen (1st hand, buds, or books) the hired operator rarely innovates or improves the product.

Focus! I think a startup will fail if a just-off-the-ground founder is doing side hustles, investing, posting on social media constantly and 4 other things while also starting a company. Yes. It can be done by some (aka a few people). But for us mere mortals, focus!

Don't overthink starting a biz: There's a guy in NYC giving a walking mafia tour in NYC. See the cafes, restaurants, locations of famous mob stuff in NYC It's $150 a head. He's done at least 8000 of the tours. That's $1.2m in sales. airbnb.ca/experiences/10…

.@balajis told us how he'd build a huge media biz. He's doing that now with a newsletter that pays people prizes to launch new companies: 1729.com. But to understand what to build, we discussed the history of media. Click the link in the video for full ep. pic.twitter.com/QLmurwGofj