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Netflix aggregated suppliers (studios), captured unique customer data, and then competed with their suppliers head on by creating content directly. Why couldn’t this also happen in venture capital? Are there material differences between VC & studios that make this unlikely?

I remember when Netflix launched in 1999 I signed up the first week and was customer number ~75,000. What a crazy ride watching it evolve to the massive empire it is now. twitter.com/TurnerNovak/st…

10 years ago, Netflix spent $0 on original content. This year: Netflix: $11B Apple: $6B Disney: $1B + amazon, hulu HBO etc. = $20B+ Here's a crazy startup idea to take a swing at this $20B+ content piñata. 👇 Here's a quick business plan 🤔

This F1 series on Netflix is just the best. I WILL own an f1 team one day.

over 2 years ago