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Through Naval, I discovered the term "Curation Businesses" which describe things like Universities, Accelerators, and VC firms twitter.com/naval/status/9…

Seeing VCs/CEOs hire a CoS for 1-2 yrs and then commit to investing their companies (at special terms) afterwards. Compelling. Also compelling is the model where a CEO can work for a decade w/ the same CoS & make it increasingly interesting to do so (e.g Jeff Weiner/@brianrumao)

Netflix aggregated suppliers (studios), captured unique customer data, and then competed with their suppliers head on by creating content directly. Why couldn’t this also happen in venture capital? Are there material differences between VC & studios that make this unlikely?

Michael Eisenberg is one of the most interesting people in V.C. Orthodox and based in Jerusalem, he has built an amazing portfolio and organization purpose -driven by the principles of Torah. Personally, I can’t wait for the ability to travel back to the Promised Land. twitter.com/mikeeisenberg/…

Taking Venture Capital for your startup is like deciding to play a game that is really easy for the first 3 levels, and then nearly impossible for the last 3

There is far more speculative investment money in crypto than there is in traditional venture capital.

8/n For example, to raise VC funding don’t think about what will make a good business, think about what will make the VC succeed. And your answer may or may not lead to building a good business.

Venture backed companies fail when they run out of money. Bootstrappers fail when they run out of motivation.

What would Y-Combinator look like if it was created today? If YC was created today, it would be: - Remote-first - A tokenized community for founder support - Partnered with creators - Cohort-based courses for learning - DAO - Beautiful spaces all over the world to collaborate