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Anytime you talk about communities bootstrapping their own realities, you risk devolving into cults. So the Q is what's the community design that's most amenable to the equal & full emancipate emancipation or empowerment of all the members involved, without devolving into cult?

if you wanna bootstrap - I like niche tools like these.. I bet there's a lot of opportunity on other marketplaces like Poshmark, Etsy etc.. pic.twitter.com/Gk8uIM6CcZ

Bring a Trailer fascinates me like crazy. • started in 2007 • auction site for classic but also modern cool cars • has a cult following • looks like a magazine w/ comments, not an auction site • bootstrapped • Sold recently. Rumors range from $200m to $600m pic.twitter.com/CtpiAC7fyD

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The real AGI is the Internet, bootstrapping itself into existence. If you want to be wealthy, help it.

Wonderful story of a small team bootstrapping a monolith and living the dream. Independent, profitable, engaged. Perfect example of how growth is not the goal and how open protocols like email let a thousand flowers bloom ❤️🌷🌺 missiveapp.com/blog/how-we-bu…

There are huge number of open questions built into this - so on a day to day basis my priority is “Bootstrap our collective intelligence” So if we find small bets we can take that have chance of helping us think better or coordinate more effectively, we’ll go meta and take em.

Venture backed companies fail when they run out of money. Bootstrappers fail when they run out of motivation.