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Time spent seeking permission from gatekeepers is better spent building your own audience. Think: Trying to get verified on Twitter vs. writing great tweets. Begging agents/publishers for a book deal vs. building an email list. The audience unlocks the gate.

1. Do great work. 2. Share it publicly. 3. Cold email people 2 steps ahead of you. 4. Talk about your work and trade ideas. 5. Host events and meet in-person. 6. Become friends. 7. Rise together.

Happy for so many communities that are forming around projects .. lots of learnings and friendships being made :)

Who are the best community builders in their field who are also practitioners in their field? For example, who's the best community builder for designers who's also a designer? Same w/ product, sales, VCs—across any position/sector I want to work w/ these ppl over the next yr.

over 2 years ago

Anytime you talk about communities bootstrapping their own realities, you risk devolving into cults. So the Q is what's the community design that's most amenable to the equal & full emancipate emancipation or empowerment of all the members involved, without devolving into cult?

How to build community: Vulnerability is huge. The most popular discussion in forums is often: "If you knew everything that you knew now, would you do or become X again?" Onboard all community members w/ friendly self-disclosure rituals

over 2 years ago

Every great product gets built by a team, but rarely by a committee.

I'm hearing a lot of people say where they move to depends on where "everyone else" is going. Something should exist to solve this coordination problem and address what people most need when they move to new cities: community.

The internet partly unbundled professional network from geography, but of course it can’t unbundle intimate community So maybe pick your city based on where the 10 people you want to be in your tribe live If you don’t have those people yet, a denser city will help you find them

Great community builders need to not only drum up interest, but also create structures for interested people to contribute. Some orgs/people have garnered significant interest, but haven't created the vehicles for their fans to contribute (capital, distribution, expertise, etc).

Most people build product first and then layer community on top, but it's often more defensible to build strong community first and then add product(s) on top.

✨ I spoke at @teachable's summit about how to build an engaged online community. Here are the 3 practical tactics many successful people have used to build loyal communities👇

Design rituals Being in a Zoom call together isn’t community building The goal: Create daily/weekly rituals that make people feel alive and grateful to be apart of the community

over 2 years ago

Takeaways: 1. Human beings can’t help it: we need to belong 2. The long term win is in building a community 3. Building a community is where art meets science. It's perfectly do-able