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Sandra Shaw makes art history into a grand and dramatic story—how views of life and the world have changed over the long term, illustrated in painting and sculpture. I'm excited about her new book, which I just bought: windowsonhumanity.com

What are great things to read about the invention and development of the locomotive and the railroad? (Have already read Ambrose's *Nothing Like It in the World*, currently reading Smiles's biography of the Stephensons)

How to Avoid a Climate Disaster is available now. I hope you’ll check out the book, but more importantly, I hope you’ll do what you can to help keep the planet livable for generations to come: b-gat.es/climatebook pic.twitter.com/MRl69gIx2o

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Thank you @BarackObama for the kind words. Your leadership at the 2015 Paris climate conference helped prove that global cooperation on climate is possible and gives me hope that we can reach our goal of zero emissions. twitter.com/BarackObama/st…

If you’re looking for a good book to read this summer, these are some of my favorites. gatesnot.es/3gBv4n9

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This book gave me a deeper, more nuanced appreciation for the system that is at the core of humanity’s fight against COVID-19 and everything our foundation’s Global Health program is trying to do. gatesnot.es/2SsWaVD

I'm almost always interested in books about American presidents, and I especially loved A Promised Land. It’s a fascinating look at what it’s like to steer a country through challenging times. gatesnot.es/2TwwPtT

Should you pick your nose? You can read an excerpt from Matt Richtel’s fascinating book about the immune system on my blog to find the answer: gatesnot.es/3zO2uYs pic.twitter.com/Uc7vqT2B1m

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My favorite author’s new book might be his best one yet. Each chapter covers one of 71 facts about the world that help you understand how history ties together. I unabashedly recommend it to anyone who loves learning. gatesnot.es/2VbiC6Z

Vaclav Smil’s books are amazing. His latest will give you a framework to think about humanity: gatesnot.es/3rUpYrr pic.twitter.com/EsQNmjHvHg

I found the book to be valuable on a number of levels and will have more to say about it soon! twitter.com/WalterIsaacson…

2. Atomic Habits by @JamesClear A proven framework for how to change your life through: • The science of habits & improvement • Designing your environment to align with your goals • Implementing intentions and motivational rituals • Tiny consistent actions pic.twitter.com/HhT7SKll0X

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5 books worth revisiting • Siddhartha • On the road • Essentialism • Atomic habits • 4 hour workweek

.@JamesClear's Atomic Habits is pretty much the only "self-help" book that's worked for me so far.

Finally read Atomic Habits after @JamesClear sent it to me a year ago. Fantastic book - yes it’s about habits but serves as a great reminder that the process is what leads to results, and every part of the process has room for at least 1% improvement. pic.twitter.com/xCXnoOCEAJ

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19. This book deserves to be read and re-read and re-read. It stresses upon the most undeniably powerful way to live life. "Do not set goals. Set habits" @JamesClear has written the most simplistic stunner, ever! amzn.to/3mjs8A8

Out of endless highlights, folded pages, and notes in the 264 pages of Atomic Habits by @JamesClear -- the one line that stuck out like no other was: “Every action you take is a vote for the type of person you wish to become.” So simple. So powerful.

Atomic Habits taught me to think of daily routines as systems we can intentionally design. I love our After School Jobs time each day. @JamesClear pic.twitter.com/AGwO8oPuIv

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Read this book. F%#& Covid. Get me out of Quarantine. Here’s my September pick for #NoahsBookClub Text me to join: (817)-953-2575 pic.twitter.com/MqaH20yXf2

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Atomic Habits will hold up for decades. Why? It follows its own core principles. @JamesClear made the book: - easy to understand - satisfying to complete - obvious to see its value - attractive in terms of design

I just finished The Drunkard’s Walk by Leonard Mlodinow (@lmlodinow). It was great and very useful for daily life. I think it deserves to be more widely known. What is another book that is incredibly useful and deserves to be more popular?

What is one book you've read that is so good it's worth reading again?

What is one good book you've read that is not widely known?

Endurance by Alfred Lansing—the story of Shackleton's voyage to Antarctica—was originally written in 1959, but barely sold. In 1986, an editor bought the rights and published a 2nd edition. It was a huge hit. What is one book you think should be a bestseller, but never took off?

What is one book that is incredibly practical and actionable, but is hard to find or no longer in print?

Positive asymmetry: high upside/low downside Linear: similar upside/downside Negative asymmetry: low upside/high downside In positive asymmetry games, you win by taking lots of shots. In linear games, you win by working hard. In negative asymmetry games, you win by not playing.

Happy Towel Day, commemorating the most useful thing an interstellar hitchhiker can have according to the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Coincidentally, it was published 42 years ago, in 1979.

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