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@JamesClear You probably have no idea how many lives and minds you've changed with this one concept. You're awesome 😎 pic.twitter.com/Cz1uCZqCS2

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@JamesClear James, I'm impressed by your ability to take simple words and spin profound new phrases that are dense with value. I would ask how you do it. But I'm guessing you'd say thoughtful action: steadily carving down ideas to their core components. Your tweet is Picasso's last bull: pic.twitter.com/qs1J4TAaP8

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I am a huge fan of the book Atomic Habits by @JamesClear. Pound for pound, it is the most value-packed book I’ve ever read. Here are my 7 favorite wisdom bombs from this excellent mindset-changing book. #ship30for30 👇👇👇 pic.twitter.com/CrHPdpgMSF

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2. Atomic Habits by @JamesClear A proven framework for how to change your life through: • The science of habits & improvement • Designing your environment to align with your goals • Implementing intentions and motivational rituals • Tiny consistent actions pic.twitter.com/HhT7SKll0X

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"Too often, we fall into an all-or-nothing cycle with our habits. The problem is not slipping up; the problem is thinking that if you can’t do something perfectly, then you shouldn’t do it at all." –@JamesClear

All the best things are usually free, just like @JamesClear's 3-2-1 newsletter. Just caught up with the last 3 editions, and this quote is so on point "You can either be judged because you created something or ignored because you left your greatness inside of you. Your call."

.@JamesClear's Atomic Habits is pretty much the only "self-help" book that's worked for me so far.

"The bad days are more important than the good days. If you write or exercise or meditate or cook when you don't feel like it, then you maintain the habit. And if you maintain the habit, then all you need is time." –@JamesClear

Finally read Atomic Habits after @JamesClear sent it to me a year ago. Fantastic book - yes it’s about habits but serves as a great reminder that the process is what leads to results, and every part of the process has room for at least 1% improvement. pic.twitter.com/xCXnoOCEAJ

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19. This book deserves to be read and re-read and re-read. It stresses upon the most undeniably powerful way to live life. "Do not set goals. Set habits" @JamesClear has written the most simplistic stunner, ever! amzn.to/3mjs8A8

Out of endless highlights, folded pages, and notes in the 264 pages of Atomic Habits by @JamesClear -- the one line that stuck out like no other was: “Every action you take is a vote for the type of person you wish to become.” So simple. So powerful.

Atomic Habits taught me to think of daily routines as systems we can intentionally design. I love our After School Jobs time each day. @JamesClear pic.twitter.com/AGwO8oPuIv

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Read this book. F%#& Covid. Get me out of Quarantine. Here’s my September pick for #NoahsBookClub Text me to join: (817)-953-2575 pic.twitter.com/MqaH20yXf2

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A dynamite interview with @JamesClear about the importance of habits and rituals. The man dishes out life-changing insights like they're t-shirts on a college campus morningbrew.com/daily/stories/…

My interview with @JamesClear waaaay back in the beginning of the podcast is still a listener AND personal favorite. Such a smart, generous guy. twitter.com/boxwala_yunus/…

@JamesClear has had huge impact on me. I’ve lost 70 pounds since reading his book. He is a whole bowl of awesomeness… anchor.fm/rockne-cole/ep…

Atomic Habits will hold up for decades. Why? It follows its own core principles. @JamesClear made the book: - easy to understand - satisfying to complete - obvious to see its value - attractive in terms of design

You choose the future with your actions each day.

If two people have the same goal, you know nothing about the similarity of their results. But if two people have the same daily habits, you can infer quite a bit about the similarity of their results. Your results are largely a byproduct of your habits.

When any behavior or attitude or pattern of thinking is the path of least resistance, it gets repeated. That’s true for good habits as well as bad ones. Don’t worry about motivation. Just make good habits the path of least resistance.

Work on things that you care about getting right. It is nearly impossible to become exceptional in any field if you do not genuinely care about "getting it right."

New goals don't deliver new results. New lifestyles do. And a lifestyle is a process, not an outcome. For this reason, all of your energy should go into building better habits, not chasing better results.

Most goals are borrowed. Borrowed from friends and family. Borrowed from coworkers and peers. Borrowed from society. This year, may your goals be your own. If nothing else, may 2020 be the year of thinking for yourself.

Every action you take is a vote for the type of person you wish to become.

Focus on your current trajectory, not your current results. 1% better every day. pic.twitter.com/S6g7ENhqEH

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Your outcomes are a lagging measure of your habits. Your physical fitness is a lagging measure of your eating and training habits. Your knowledge is a lagging measure of your learning habits. Your net worth is a lagging measure of your financial habits. You get what you repeat. pic.twitter.com/9dhwBapz81

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