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"Being underestimated is a gift. You don’t have to find motivation." –@JamesClear I concur with the description of James' weekly email ... “The most wisdom per word of any newsletter on the web.”

All the best things are usually free, just like @JamesClear's 3-2-1 newsletter. Just caught up with the last 3 editions, and this quote is so on point "You can either be judged because you created something or ignored because you left your greatness inside of you. Your call."

Just looked up my newsletter growth since I started writing... Nov ‘12 - 0 Nov ‘13 - 33,000 Nov ‘14 - 100,000 Nov ‘15 - 215,000 Nov ‘16 - 360,000 Nov ‘17 - 315,000* Nov ‘18 - 440,000 Nov ‘19 - 575,000 Nov ‘20 - 960,000 *removed 100k “dead” subscribers to keep the list healthy

Sign up for "5-Bullet Friday" and each Friday, you’ll get a short email from me with five things I've discovered that week, sending you off to your weekend with fun and useful things to ponder and try. 🙌 Sign up here: tim.blog/friday pic.twitter.com/gnBj38ZquC

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over 2 years ago

I explore ideas like this in Fab Fridays, my newsletter on childhood education with a twist + new ways to learn. Subscribe below! 🤸🏼 afabrega.com/newsletter

I just subscribed to Common Sense with Bari Weiss bariweiss.substack.com/?utm_medium=we… shameless promotion for my friend @bariweiss ex-NYT writer's substack. I love the Substack model of decentralizing control of what we read away from the editors of the established "papers of record"

Go to Substack. Find the Account button. Hit delete. 99% of people don't need a public newsletter. pic.twitter.com/PST7OdUkRQ

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over 2 years ago

Your newsletter needs a format. I created one called "1-2-3". it's a simple remix of @JamesClear's 3-2-1 newsletter. Mine stood for: 1 photo 2 thoughts 3 links

over 2 years ago