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There are many cases where “<adjective> <noun>” is not in fact a type of <noun> What are your favorites? twitter.com/Noahpinion/sta…

What, to you, is the most interesting school of thought that you don't agree with?

What popular music in the last few decades, if any, has glorified science or engineering?

What is one lesson you learned last year?

over 2 years ago

What makes someone a scientist? It’s obviously not things like having a PhD or working in a lab. What qualities or behaviors actually make someone a scientist? Best answer wins.

over 2 years ago

Someone once suggested that I occasionally ask myself, “What am I really trying to achieve here?” Whenever I remember to do it, I find the question generates useful answers. What is one question you find useful to ask yourself?

Who is one person that is no longer alive that you wish you could apprentice under? (Bonus points for explaining why.)

What are the most important ideas or concepts for daily life? Once you learn them, which ideas actually change the way you act or how you make choices? For example: -inversion -first principles -margin of safety -second order thinking -compounding/power laws What else?

What things require a period of intense focus up front to become established, but persist & continue to perform after you move on to something else? -writing books about evergreen topics -saving & investing in passive index funds -outsourcing yourself from a business What else?

over 2 years ago

3 crucial questions to ask when considering a new opportunity: (1) Power: How can I find an advantage relative to others? (2) Probability: How likely am I to succeed? (3) Payoff: How large is the payoff if I succeed? Great opportunities are favorable on all 3 dimensions.

What is one idea that, once you learned it, you started to notice it everywhere?

What is one good book you've read that is not widely known?

What is one sentence that has stayed with you after reading it? (Bonus points for including the source.)

over 2 years ago

A simple question I find useful: What is the biggest small thing I could do today?

A tough question to consider today: How long will you put off what you're capable of doing just to maintain what you're currently doing?

What is one idea or concept that you don’t think many people know about, but you find useful or interesting?

What is one idea, concept, or lesson that, if you don’t learn it, you are at a disadvantage in life?

over 2 years ago

Imagine you are reading the best book in the world on how to how to prioritize your time. What concept or strategy absolutely has to be covered in that book?

Who are some actors or athletes that defy the stereotype of “just a pretty face” or “dumb jock”? Beauty and athleticism are important in those fields, but who has brains and intellectual curiosity to go with it?

Imagine that you get six months with no outside demands or responsibilities. Your only job is to find your ideal spot to think and write. Where do you go and what does it look like?

What’s the opening sentence of your autobiography?

over 2 years ago

For the last week, I have started each day by writing “What do I want?” at the top of a blank page. It’s surprising how useful it is to keep asking yourself this question. Each time, my answers get more precise. Once I know what I want, I translate the answer into action steps.

over 2 years ago

What is one insightful speech, talk, or transcript that you’ve come across?

I've been wrestling with a question: "How do you know if an idea is good?" It's been harder to answer than I expected. Imagine you are scrolling on Twitter or reading a book or listening to a pitch in a meeting. How do you decide if the idea is any good or not?

A simple question that can deliver powerful results if taken seriously: What is the highest leverage action I can execute on right now?

What is something fantastic you bought for under $100?

over 2 years ago

What is one idea or principle from your area of expertise that can be generalized and applied to other areas of life?

Biology nerds: The Venus flytrap seems like a good pick for the most animal-like plant. What is the most plant-like animal?

Continually ask, "What is the highest leverage thing we can do right now?" Then, spend at least two minutes today working on that thing.

What can you do with 5 good minutes? 5 good minutes of: -pushups is a solid workout -sprints will leave you winded -writing can deliver 1 good page -reading can finish an insightful article -meditation can reset your mood You don’t need more time—just a little focused action.