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What popular music in the last few decades, if any, has glorified science or engineering?

"How to Get Your Music to Resonate With People" -- Listen on @ApplePodcasts garyvee.com/apple

over 2 years ago

Soulja Boy & Lil B are both successful rappers who aren't taken seriously as top rappers, but are considered pioneers in adjacent business models (e.g. OG influencer, ringtones) What are other examples of people who were just fine at their craft but genius at something adjacent?

When it comes to rhymes, how many possible 2 through 5 syllable different rhyme combinations are there? How does one find this out?

This past February, @AppleMusic spotlighted myself and others for Black History Month and I created an exclusive playlist which is somewhat a narration of my personal life. Hope you enjoy and it gives you some inspiration: apple.co/3kFkcWt pic.twitter.com/WQKCuIoMR6

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Kanye West x Sha’Carri Richardson for Beats by Dre. Great marketing. pic.twitter.com/PRVhCmVWP4

DONDA album cover for Kanye West features artwork by Louise Bourgeois pic.twitter.com/WbJLI7yHnT

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I want all you millennials to know what song runs through the heads of baby boomers every time we log onto yet another video convence call. Every. Single. Time. youtu.be/I3AzdiWHEuc

Rhythmically, melodically, harmonically, the most interesting musician in the world right now is @jacobcollier. Imagine if Mozart had grown up listening to Stevie Wonder, Herbie Hancock, Take 6.

over 2 years ago

Before you call Swift calculating, consider this: “Am I shooting from the hip? Would any of this have happened if I was? ... You can be accidentally successful for three or four years. Accidents happen. But careers take hard work." pic.twitter.com/3aA8i6oCDN

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