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Biggest YouTuber In The World, 7-Year-Old ‘Like Nastya,’ Launches NFT With Gary Vaynerchuk’s ⁦@vaynernft⁩ Everyday … a lot going on .. in these unprecedented time’s … Projects like this expand the user base of this new technology #nft forbes.com/sites/tatianak…

over 2 years ago

Watching kids learn with YouTube is fascinating for us who learned with textbooks. Wonder is just one click away.

Tech investors (the Dustin Hoffman character) wondering if it is safe to buy heavily back into big cap tech and fintech. (Mr. Market played by Sir Lawrence Olivier) youtube.com/watch?v=c-Ovif…

I want all you millennials to know what song runs through the heads of baby boomers every time we log onto yet another video convence call. Every. Single. Time. youtu.be/I3AzdiWHEuc

Youtube TV changing the play button into random icons (🏆 for the NBA Finals or 🌹for the bachelor) is my favorite little design nugget pic.twitter.com/WSxgevxw3K

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over 2 years ago

Do you think Joe Rogan going to Spotify was a smart or bad move (for him)? My opinion: Smart as he got paid! But bad because his clips aren't on YouTube as much as he's less relevant, which sucks, because I love me some JRE.

Does YouTube plan to revise its censorship decisions based on the new CDC guidance? thewrap.com/youtube-purges…

over 2 years ago