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More consumer companies would probably benefit from helping their employees build their own audiences. “Come help us build our audience, and we’ll make sure to build yours as well.” junglegym.substack.com/p/the-rise-of-…

New Product Hunt Radio today: producthunt.com/radio @Everette on how to build a brand and the importance of authenticity (which happens to be one of our 5 stated values at Product Hunt) pic.twitter.com/zTbTxZLcJX

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Kanye West x Sha’Carri Richardson for Beats by Dre. Great marketing. pic.twitter.com/PRVhCmVWP4

Many great and iconic brands began as a pre-Internet cultural meme. Memes are the Larva (caterpillar), Products are the pupa (chrysalis or cocoon) and Global Brands are the the adult butterfly. Or in Pokémon speak: pic.twitter.com/dxmXh3Zw6X

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Here's my 1 hour a week hack to building a personal brand inside any Big Company™️. Now that I'm never-gonna-be-employed-again, you can steal this.